Monday, October 25, 2021

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    ‘Baghead’: Studiocanal & Picture Company Horror Thriller Adds Jeremy Irvine, Peter Mullan, Saffron Burrows & Julika Jenkins

    Unique: as the production of studiocanal And picture companyhorror thriller bughead Begins, Deadline has learned that war Horse actor Jeremy Irwin, top of the lake Emmy Nominee Peter Mulan, You Actress saffron bills, and netflix Darkness Actress julica jenkins The previously announced Ruby joins the feature alongside Barker and Freya Allen.

    bughead The Festival Fave is adapted from the short film of the same name and will be directed by Alberto Corredor who also directed the short. Christina Palmis and Bryce McGuire wrote the screenplay. bughead The enigmatic follows Baghead, a little wrinkly man who is able to reveal the dead and bring them back to our world for a short time. People seek medium to reconnect with lost loved ones. Once exposed to Bughead, the title character’s true powers and intentions are revealed and a high price is paid for his contact with the deceased. Barker portrays a young woman who is faced with a baghead and has to stop his insane evil at all costs.

    Picture Company partners Alex Heinemann and Andrew Rona are producing under their deal at StudioCanal. Vertigo’s Roy Lee is serving as the EP with Alibi’s Jake Wagner. Corredor and Lorcan Reilly, who created the short, will also do the EP. Rona and Heinemann also produced the short film Transfer. come play In Amblin which was directed by Jacob Chase. Studiocanal’s Ron Halpern, Shana Eddy and Rachel Henchosberg are supervising Bughead.

    It’ll be Irwin’s turn in the upcoming DC green lantern Stars in the series, Terence Davis’ Blessings, more movies Professor and Crazy, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, The Woman in Black 2, Steven Spielberg war Horse, and nicole kidman movie Railway man. He has been repped by the Independent Talent Group, UTA and Shrek Rose Dapello Adams Berlin and Dunham.

    Upcoming Mulan Stars in Amazon Lord of the Rings series, as well as Barry Jenkins’ NS underground Railroad, as James Delos in HBO westworld, And as Jacob Snell in Netflix ozarki Chain. He received a miniseries supporting actor nomination for his turn. top of the lake. Mulan is reprized by Markham, Froggate and Irwin.

    Burroughs Stars on Netflix You as Dottie Quinn, who has just received a fourth season renewal, and has starred in series such as Mozart in the Jungle, Agent of Shield More Features Bank Job, Troy, Deep Blue Sea, Hotel, And Peter Pan. They are represented by The Artists Partnership, ICM, Berwick & Kovacic, and Yorn, Barnes, Levine, Krintzmann, Rubenstein, Kohner, Endlich & Gelman.

    German-born actress Jenkins starred as Claudia Tiedemann in Darkness And also the stars of Epix Berlin Station, Mittagstunde And Un Homme and Son Chien Unlike Jean-Paul Belmondo. He’s on rep by Funke & Sturtz GMBH.

    bughead The picture company has a number of projects including Studiocanal gunpowder milkshake Which will premiere on Netflix and the Liam Neeson thriller this July retribution The shooting of which is currently going on in Berlin. He also just acquired the podcast shipworm In the auction for a feature customization.

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