Battle Lines: BBC Insiders ‘Support Former Presenter Emily Maitlis Over Claims Of Political Meddling’

battle lines between BBC and its former Star News presenter Emily Maitlis BBC insiders continued to lend their support after a BBC board member claimed to have interfered in editorial affairs as “an active agent” of the Conservative Party.

Later Maitlis made this claim in his lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival this weekReferring to Robbie Gibb but without naming him – swiftly apologizing in reference to the BBC and rebuking him after making political comments on the air – many times Insiders from the Report Corporation shared similar concerns about Gibb’s infiltration into editorial affairs.

Before taking his place on the board, Gibb – who used to be the editor of BBC’s live political programs – was an aide to former Prime Minister Theresa May. now many times cites Maitlis’s view on his intervention as “widely shared” by his former allies, who, considering his political allegiance, make it impossible for him to be as impartial as his role requires.

Gibb’s aides have also spoken out – including his former colleague Sean O’Grady writing in another British newspaper this weekend, independentThat Gibb was able to “keep under control” his political views.

Another BBC boss Charlotte Moore uses her stage at the Edinburgh TV Festival To refute Maitlis’s claims, saying that all protocols were followed in the treatment of the apology after the presenter spoke.