BBC Defends Wall-To-Wall Huw Edwards Coverage After Audience Complaints

Unique: The BBC has defended the high amount of coverage devoted to the scandal involved hu edwardsThe highest paid news presenter of a British broadcaster.

BBC News covered the story extensively after reports accused Edwards Sun Newspaper of paying for sexually explicit images of a young man.

BBC journalists supported the original claims by reporting different allegations against Edwards, including that of a second young man who said he received abusive messages from the anchor.

Viewers contacted the corporation complaining that the scandal had been given “too much”; coverage, including rolling news, radio phone-ins and bulletin-head stories.

The BBC did not disclose how many complaints it received, but for the Corporation to issue a response usually meant it received 100 or more messages from concerned viewers.

The BBC said, “BBC News reports on the BBC as independently and impartially as we do with any other organisation.” “We believe our coverage of this story was proportionate, reflecting the importance of the issues raised.”

However, Nigam acknowledged that “not everyone will agree with the stories we cover and the prominence we give them.”

The BBC issued a similar statement after devoting large amounts of airtime Philip Scofield scandalITV presenter who had sex with a youth today morning Employee.

The BBC said: “Allegations published Sun raised serious questions about the conduct of a well-known BBC presenter as well as the BBC’s initial handling of a complaint made by the family of the young man concerned; The BBC subsequently suspended the presenter and the Metropolitan Police investigated the matter.

Edwards remains suspended while an investigation into his alleged conduct is carried out by the BBC which is expected to take several months. He was hospitalized due to serious mental health problems during the scandal.

BBC’s extensive coverage on AdWords too attracted criticism from insiders, A source said, “The taste with which the BBC sits down never ceases to amaze me.”