BBC Developing Drama On Phone-Hacking Scandal That Rocked Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire; ‘The Salisbury Poisonings’ Creators Declan Lawn, Adam Patterson & Saul Dibb Attached

Specific: The BBC network is behind rise films‘ The drama on the phone hacking scandal created a ruckus Rupert Murdochmedia empire. Salisbury Poisonings Writers Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson and director Saul Dibb are engaged and American buyers are making the rounds.

Deadline detected thank you bye It was in development with Oscar and Emmy-winning British production company Rise in early 2021 and we now understand that the show is in an advanced development stage with the British public broadcaster.

Lawn and Patterson’s Place des Script Luke Neill as writer and back up with Dib, who directed salisbury poison, Which was one of the most watched British shows of 2020. Lawn and Patterson have just written another BBC drama, blue light, About three rookie police officers in Belfast.

US buyers are understood to already be making the rounds thank you bye And manufacturers are gearing up for the casting.

The British phone-hacking scandal was one of the most high-profile and controversial of the past decades, and Rise gained access to journalists, private investigators and criminals who were involved for the show, which began life as a doctor.

thank you bye checks the newsroom of world newsThe British tabloid that was forced to shut down because of the scandal, and how journalists hacked into private messages and voicemails from the likes of Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and Sienna Miller.

The ensuing results led to a highly publicized investigation that led to 100 arrests and changed the UK’s relationship with the tabloid press forever.

thanks bye, a nod to the title on world news The final version, before Murdoch’s closure, is Rise’s first play and the first to depict scandal. Recently, the test has been spotlighted in several documentaries including the BBC The rise of the Murdoch dynasty From Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story Producer 72 movies.

Rise has garnered a solid reputation for producing complex and high-profile docs over the years, including the Oscar-winning Netflix feature Icarus and, more recently, the highly rated Sky documentary series Once Upon a Time in Londongrad.

The BBC and Rise declined to comment.