BBC & The Sun Investigations Into Huw Edwards & Dan Wootton Questioned By UK’s Culture, Media & Sport Committee

Britain̵7;s influential Culture, Media and Sport committee has written to both BBC And Sun on investigation in hu edwards And Dan Wootton,

Caroline Dinnage wrote to BBC acting chairman Alan Claus Stephens yesterday saying the committee is “keen to see the BBC conduct its two comprehensive reviews in a transparent manner” following the Edwards scandal.

Since the allegations against Edwards, the BBC has launched two reviews, one a ‘fact-finding’ inquiry and the other a more detailed work on protocol. Director General Tim Davey has already said the latter could take months to report and has been a Deloitte partner prepared to help,

“We share your concern for respecting the privacy of individuals and giving due regard to the BBC’s care obligations,” Dinnage’s letter said. “It is therefore entirely appropriate that BBC fact-finding investigations are a confidential process. However, we are keen to see the BBC conduct its two comprehensive reviews in a transparent manner.

Dinnage said the BBC should tell the committee how it intends to make the results of the reviews public. He wrote, “It is important that the public be assured that the BBC is taking appropriate action to ensure that the ‘red flagging’ process works effectively.”

The AdWords scandal rocks the media world Sunday The story about a ‘BBC presenter’ who was paid thousands of pounds for explicit sexual images of a young man suffering from drug addiction. Several days later, when nationwide gossip reached its peak, Edwards was made the subject of exposé and he is currently suffering from severe depression.

After police said they were not investigating Edwards, Deadline revealed later BBC News journalists have investigated Edwards’ conduct in the past of the sun Story, led by his colleague Victoria Derbyshire.

letter from dinnez Sun Editor Victoria Newton asked yesterday, “What was done to verify this specific story and what, if any, reviews or discussions are underway Sunprocedures and reporting in this case,” as well as whether “there are broader lessons to be learned.”

Sun There was considerable controversy surrounding the story when the young man involved revealed through a lawyer that he had not been asked for comment and did not believe the allegations were true.

“It is not our role to challenge individual stories or editorial decisions, but we would appreciate it if you could set out procedures Sun He verifies every story he chooses to report,” Dinenez said.

Wootton Probe

He also turned to the Wootton case, which has stirred Twitter over the past week since the release of a three-part investigation into his behavior. The Byline Times. by line The investigation accused Wootton of posing as a fictitious showbiz agent named Martin Branning and offering thousands of pounds to people, including former colleagues, in exchange for sexual images and videos. Wooten is currently crowdfunding to help pay his legal bills and uses his nightly GB News show to say that “there are dark forces trying to take down this brilliant channel,” because, he said, it posed a threat to the establishment.

worked for Wooten Sun And Dinenges asked Newton “to explain what is being investigated in this matter.” According to Guardian, both publishers of Sun And daily Mail Investigating the allegations.

Last week, Guardian It was also revealed that Dinnage had hosted a parliamentary drinking party for GB News, the right-wing network which counts Wootton as the host of one of its most watched shows.