Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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    BBC2 And PBS Greenlight ‘War Of The Worlds’-Style Hybrid Drama/Doc On Alien Life

    Unique, bbc2 And PBS have commissioned war of the Worlds-style hybrid drama/documentary that sheds light on the near future in which extraterrestrial life is detected.

    first contact will combine real documentary interviews with some of the world’s most prominent scientists, along with a fictional story written and directed by The World According to Jeff Goldblum Director Nick Stacy. bbc studio science unit, which was behind Netflix‘s baftathe winner surgeon’s cut (pictured) and BBC2/PBS’ planets, Once again collaborating with the two networks on the feature.

    Leading scientists now believe there is a real possibility that we will soon detect extra-terrestrial life and the show will offer the latest profile in cutting-edge technology, featuring contributions from the likes of Dr. Jill Tarter, a pioneer Joe Jodi Foster was the inspiration for the character. contact, With a display from the James Webb Space Telescope.

    Exec producer Andrew Cohen, who produced BBC Horizon Doc about a future pandemic nearly 20 years ago, said it was “heavily criticized for its bullying at the time”, revealing that his team Some are planning to make a show on extra-terrestrial life. Time and pandemic made it feel more timely.

    “It is being built in the shadow of a pandemic that has thrown subjects into feeling a deep existential uncertainty for a planet,” he said. “Audiences are now more eager to explore these issues than they were two years ago.”

    ‘Aggressive confidence’

    Cohen stated that at the moment there is an “almost offensive belief” in global factuality that has made his team comfortable producing the show in a hybrid drama/doc style.

    Partly crediting the streamers for this development, he said first contact His team’s recently BAFTA-nominated . of “Builds on Chutzpah” Day 8: Moon and Back, which used innovative lip-sync techniques to recreate the 1969 moon landing and also aired on longtime collaborators BBC2 and PBS.

    “In the past, factual TV could be quite nerve-wracking and backfoot, but now if there is a story we want to tell we will find a way to tell it,” he said. “It’s about the story and how the audience wants to be immersed in the amazing storytelling.”

    The 90-minute film was commissioned by Patrick Holland, BBC Director of Factual, Arts and Classical Music Television and Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History.

    Elsewhere, the pandemic has also fueled viewers’ appetite for science, said Cohen, whose department recently swiftly curated BBC docs on COVID-19.

    “Trying to compete with the news cycle in a documentary is almost impossible but we can add depth and insight,” he said.

    Cohen’s unit is also doing more work in the ad-funded programming space, having produced Cook Clever, Waste Less With Pru & Rupi for Channel 4 in May, which was partially funded by Hellman’s Mayonnaise, along with a Hyundai-sponsored series of short films for BBC Global News.

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