Beanie Feldstein Announces Surprise Early Departure From Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’

Benny Feldstein announced tonight that she would be leaving the starring role Broadway‘s funny girl Even before the earlier announcement, his last performance in the show will be July 31.

“Playing Fanny Bryce on Broadway has been my lifelong dream,” Feldstein posted on Instagram tonight, “and it’s been a great pleasure and a true honor to do so over the past few months. Once in a while production took the show in a different direction.” I decided to move on, so I made the extremely difficult decision to walk away sooner than I anticipated. I will never forget this experience and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who is in August Wilson for you and our wonderful came for the love and support shown to the cast and crew. The people who I have had the great pleasure of bringing Funny Girl to life every night on and off stage are all remarkably talented and extraordinary human beings and I hope That you will continue to join them on Henry Street after I leave on July 31st.”

Feldstein did not specify how the production was taken “in a different direction”.

Production has expired.

No announcement was made about her replacement, but rumors have circulated for weeks that producers are considering Lea Michele as a replacement, possibly teaming up with Feldstein’s understudy Julie Benko. The makers have not confirmed the speculations.

The production tweeted tonight that the new casting will be announced Monday at 1 p.m. ET.

Feldstein has recalled an increasing number of performances in recent weeks, including yesterday’s matinee. She missed several shows last month due to a positive Covid test.

Initially, when the show opened (to mixed reviews) on April 24, Feldstein was expected to keep up with production until the end of the year, but last month producers announced that he and co-star Jane Lynch would both return to production in September. will leave the show. 25. No update announced today regarding Lynch.

Although the production initially sold well at the box office, Tony’s lack of big nominations or wins has dented earnings. Box office figures for the week ending July 3 – latest figures available – indicate funny girl Was performing in only 75% full houses.