Becky Hill Expresses Her Desire To Work With Calvin Harris: “I’d Love To Sit With Him & Pick His Brain”

Becky Hill expresses her desire to work with Calvin Harris: “I’d love to sit with him and pick his brain” – Deets Inside (Photo Credits – Instagram)

British singer-songwriter Becky Hill wants to work with “amazing” Scottish DJ Calvin Harris because he has always been a huge influence on her.

The “Wish You Well” singer said the “acceptable in the ’80s” hitmaker had been a big influence on her career, so she jumped at the opportunity to be in the studio with him.

Becky Hill said: “I would love to work with Calvin Harris, I think he’s amazing. He’s always been around me and has been a huge influence in my dance music career and I got to sit down with him and pick his mind And would love to write a song with him.

Becky Hill recently performed at Capitol’s ‘Jingle Bell Ball’ and the gig marked a major milestone for her as she was booked as a solo artist in her own right.

When asked about the highlights of his career so far, She Said: “I would definitely say ‘Jingle Bell Ball’ is being booked under my name with no one else with me, no Jonas Blue or Sigala trying to make a name for myself to do a song with them I have five songs, which have been co-written and sung, which are really lovely, so that has been the highlight for me.”

Becky Hill first rose to fame when she competed on ‘Sound’ And she would love to return to the singing competition next year.

She told Bang Showbiz: “I’d love to go back to ‘The Voice’, next year will be my 10th year since I left the show, so I’d love to go back and provide information on building a career.”

The 26-year-old star has busy plans for 2022 and joked that he is on his way to “world domination”.

She said: “I already have an incredible festival going on. I’m starting to write with album two. I’ve got a huge single with massive collaborations in February. I’m still on my way to world domination. But I think next year will be the year.

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