Ben Whishaw Unveils First Project Since BAFTA TV Win; Toby Jones ITV Drama; ‘Back To Reality’ Boarded; Pact Retirement – Global Briefs

Ben Whishaw First project unveiled after BAFTA TV win

Unique: Ben Whishaw has unveiled his first project since being awarded his latest BAFTA TV award. it̵7;s going to hurt Star leading short film Good boydirectorial debut with Mainstream co-author Tom Stuart, which was filmed at the Glastonbury Festival site in April. In Good boy, Whishaw stars with Marion Bailey (Crown) as a son and mother whose attempt to rob a bank is dogged by strange manifestations from their past. Inspired by the writer-director’s own experience of bereavement, the personal film explores the insidiousness of grief and the unexpected ways it can be found in daily life. “The pandemic has brought us unprecedented death toll and behind it a dark wave of sadness,” Stuart said. “I’ve learned that it’s only by talking about my grief that I’ve been able to loosen its grip and I believe that art, in all its forms, will be the thing that helps us to gently address and restore our collective would allow the detection of pain.” Whishaw wins his third BAFTA TV award at the weekend it’s going to hurt, The BBC’s adaptation of Adam Kay’s bestseller. Good boy 130 Produced by Kay Loxley and Max Marlow for Elektra Films, EPs with Elettra Pizzi, Stuart, Alex Gonzalez and Goldcrest Films CEO Chris Quested, in association with Gia Coppola.

Toby Jones to lead ITV Post Office drama

Toby Jones will lead ITV’s drama about the Post Office scandal, widely regarded as one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history. title now mr bates vs the post office, Jones will play Alan Bates, one of hundreds of innocent sub-postmasters and postmistresses wrongly accused of theft, fraud and false accounting due to a faulty IT system. Dozens of former deputy postmasters and postmistresses have been cleared of all counts after a historic Court of Appeal decision overturned their criminal convictions and ITV is producing a documentary titled The People Vs the Post Office: The Real Story [working title], The Gwyneth Hughes-penned four-parter stars alongside Jones the likes of Monica Dolan (The thief, his wife and the canoe)Julie Hesmondhalgh (Settlement), Alex Jennings (it’s going to hurt) and Ian Hart (respondent), ITV Studios and Little Gem are producing, while broad churchK James Strong is directing.

Trust Nordisk Board Anders Thomas Jensen’s ‘Back to Reality’

TrustNordisk Picks Up International Sales Rights To Oscar-Nominated Anders Thomas Jensen’s Comedy back to reality [working title], Zentropa-built facility A fresh-out-of-jail bank robber, Anchor, is on his way to collect the loot. But only one knows where the money is buried, his traumatized brother Manfred, who has meanwhile turned into an alter ego, and now knows nothing about said money. Trust Nordisk has made worldwide sales on the feature as the Cannes Film Festival approaches the end of its first week. Jensen won an Oscar for the 1998 short film election night and has been nominated for many more. Zentropa also built and distributed TrustNordisk in its 2020 feature riders of justice,

Treaty International chief to retire

Dawn McCarthy-Simpson, international guru of UK indie trade body Pact, is retiring in October. McCarthy-Simpson has spent 16 years overseeing the organisation’s work outside the UK, coming at a time when the industry has become heavily globalised. More recently, it managed to open Pact’s office in Leeds. CEO John McVay described her as “the lynch pin of our international work”. “She’s been to MIP so many times that she might call Cannes her second home,” he joked. “Of course we wish there is much joy in Dawn’s retirement, but I know I speak for all of our members when I say she will be greatly missed.”