‘Beyond Salem’ Star Steve Burton On Leaving ‘General Hospital’: ‘You Could Get Angry But That’s Not Going To Get Anyone Anywhere’

Specific: beyond salem could entice a whole new set of fans general Hospital now that Steve Burton has joined days of Our Lives Spinoff on Peacock. Dear Actor, Joe Who left ABC soap? After failing to comply with its vaccine policy in 2021, has joined the second installment of Beyond Salem.

Although G h While fans definitely remember him as Jason Morgan, Burton Harris couldn’t be more thrilled about reprising his role as Michaels — a Dul The character that originated in 1988 and is now re-emerging beyond salem Starting Monday. , new episodes of beyond salem Each day will fall until the following Friday.

“Look, the situation [of his GH departure] It was tough and you know, that’s just the way it is,” Burton tells Deadline. “I will always be grateful for my time there. It was my family for so long. I grew up there and the fans have always been amazing to me. But then, some doors close and other doors open.” And here we are at Beyond Salem. very nice.,

Here, Burton reflects on his departure G h and shares how his relationship with her is Dul Started 30 years ago.

deadline after you general HospitalDid you feel like your day career was over?

Steve Burton I have learned many things in my life. You just say never because the doors keep opening. I knew there was a possibility The Young and the Restless might call because I was on it at some point. I didn’t know this chance would come! I never close the door during the day. She has been my place. From there I learned acting. That’s where I’ve been living for so long. And now there are only four shows left. I was excited because Marnie Sagitta, Dul The casting director I’ve known for years called up and said, ‘Hey, Albert Alar, executive producer, wants to have a meeting. I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ Why not? He said, ‘Hey, that’s what we’re thinking. It’s a very good arc.’ I said, absolutely. Pucca. I didn’t even get to read the script. I was excited that it was a limited run. We did a lot of stunts. And it’s funny because obviously in General Hospital, I had a wardrobe, you know? I joke that my general hospital in Beyond Salem had more wardrobe changes than my entire career.

DEADLINE How your Harris Michaels character was first introduced Dul in 1988?

Steve Burton: In the old days, summers used to be for teen stories. It was Charlotte Ross, who played Eve, and me and Scott Reeves. [as Jake], who is a good friend of mine. That’s where we actually met 30 years ago on Days of Our Lives. He and I were like high school troublemakers trying to mess with Eve. I wasn’t the biggest guy, but the character was only 17, so what can you do? He is still going through puberty. I only had to be there for a few shows and I ended up for more. I had really great memories of driving and working on the lot. It was one of my first jobs. I was very grateful. But I had to go back to a series with Donna Pesco and Doug McClure I called Out of the World. I don’t know how they separated me from DOOL. I just disappeared. I didn’t die, apparently.

DEADLINE Is Harris the same guy he was 30-something years ago?

Steve Burton He is not working on the code of conduct which is very good. Albert was like, ‘Do you care about being a bad guy?’ I said no man. whatever. I can play anything. I don’t know how much I can say but he does something No Good things in this chapter. There may be some redemption.

DEADLINE Whether it is likely to be involved Dul permanent basis?

Steve Burton I don’t know you really have to ask ron carlivati and Albert. From what I gather, Peacock is happy, NBC is happy with it. But if there is a chance, sure. I never say never. You know, for a while, it was the time of day in the dumps. Until streaming came along, the time of day was hanging by a string. Then NBC goes, ‘Hey, we have a great brand here. Let’s do a byproduct.’ There is so much energy in the building now. All they have is the energy, ‘Hey, we’re doing something cool.’ I had a blast and got to see a bunch of old friends that I haven’t seen for a while ’cause apparently the community of the day is small and we only see each other at awards shows.

DEADLINE The daytime genre just can’t be strong.

Steve Burton I agree. I think sometimes people forget about the strength of our fan base and how loyal they are. I will not have a career and I will not be able to do this comedy show on the road. I can’t podcast. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything if the fans weren’t so loyal and didn’t like our show and wanted so much content. And that’s where NBC took the ball and ran with it. They are giving fans what they want. That’s why the first Beyond Salem was so successful, and hopefully the second one will surpass or be equal to it.

time limit The last two years were scary for people during the pandemic. Have vaccination rules been relaxed during the day?

Steve Burton There should be protocol for what you believe or don’t believe about COVID. We are having great success in GH. Everyone was doing social distancing, wearing masks. It’s the same thing in Days. And they can take exams there, which is smart, every day you walk in. It doesn’t relax and I don’t think it should for a while. (Comment: Burton declined to disclose his vaccination status,

DEADLINE Was it difficult to be of your personal preference about vaccines in public when it was revealed how and why you quit GH?

Steve Burton No, not really, because I am a public figure and life is like that. It was my belief and I stuck to it and I knew it was going to be like this. I knew some people would agree with it and some people would not. It’s a personal choice and that’s what I had to do. GH was a huge part of my life and I am so grateful for the opportunity there and the people out there. I don’t have anything bad to say. It was a handshake. ‘Hey, it doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t work for me.’ ok great. Brilliant. that was it. And that’s fine. It’s perspective in life, isn’t it? That’s how you choose to handle it. We all have a choice in how to handle things. You can be angry and annoyed and be the bad guys and go down the road and that’s never going to happen to anyone, ever. I am really grateful and I work through that.

DEADLINE But your character just got married!

Steve Burton Yes, the timing was bad. The timing certainly could have been better!