Bhagya Lakshmi Fame Aishwarya Khare Draws Her Fitness Inspiration From Alia Bhatt: “I Feel Like No One Can Be Her”

Bhagya Laxmi fame Aishwarya Khare takes her fitness inspiration from Alia Bhatt: “I guess no one can be hers” – Inside Things (Photo Credits: Instagram)

‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ actress Aishwarya Khare took inspiration from Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and decided to follow her rules and started practicing meditation along with yoga.

Aishwarya mentioned: “I really look up to Alia Bhatt when it comes to maintaining the right work-life balance along with fitness. The way she finds time to exercise regularly while continuing to work out is and looks gorgeous Really inspiring onscreen.”

Aishwarya Khare said, “I think there can be no one like her but I aspire to look and fit as well. Attractive as his onscreen. ,

Aishwarya Khare continued and said, “So, I am taking inspiration from him and have also started practicing yoga and meditation in the last few weeks. I believe that yoga and meditation really help me mentally and physically. Will help me stay fit as well as help me give my best while at work.”

The actress concluded: “I must say I feel refreshed and more energetic and it glows every time I am shooting. I wish I could be as good as Alia someday, it would be an honor, but in the meantime, I wish everyone enjoys watching me on their TV screens every day.”

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