Bhediya Box Office Review: Varun Dhawan’s ‘Monster Inside Me’ Show Isn’t A Monster For Ticket Windows!

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Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, Abhishek Banerjee, Kriti Sanon, Palin Kabak, Deepak Dobriyal and Saurabh Shukla

the director: Amar Kaushik

the creator: Dinesh Vijan

Bheediya Box Office Review: Pre Release Buzz And Impressions

We all know that Bollywood has never seen a wave of negativity. The industry’s reputation has been damaged, not just on social media, but among neutral audiences at the grassroots as well. Meanwhile, the wolf came as a welcome change.

After the debacle of the Adipurush teaser, the trailer of Bhediya was made online. The response was unexpected as the promo was garnering appreciation from all quarters. From the concept to the VFX work, everything in the film was appreciated. Compared to the VFX of Adipurush, netizens praised the efforts put in on this Varun Dhawan-led film. So, apparently, a good pre-release buzz was generated after the trailer launch.

Moreover, the song ‘Thumkeshwari’ grabbed headlines even before its release. However, despite the stage being perfectly set, the film lacked grassroots promotion. Then came the wave of Drishyam 2, which proved to be a major threat to this Amar Kaushik directorial as it stole all the thunder. Makers failed to capitalize on the initial momentum. As a result, low advance booking Seen on opening day.

Bhediya Box Office Review: Early Start, Positives and Negatives

The early starts have at least been good for Wolf. First reactions from neutral audiences are also mixed with people giving a thumbs up for the effort, but the film seems to be lacking a bit. Earlier it was opening in double digit but now it looks like the film will open less than expected.

Speaking of positivity, the film is a sincere attempt by Bollywood (though not a new one) to create awareness about nature, which may appeal to many. For kids, it is a treat as the theme, humor and overall set up will keep them hooked. There is nothing vulgar in it, so this movie is family friendly.

Wolves scores in competence when it comes to the department of VFX and this is a strong point during the time when the VFX hoopla is in the market. Talking about the competition, the film is enjoying a solo release today. Next week too, Ayushmann Khurrana has N Action Hero, which looks like a niche film. The only major upcoming competition is Avatar: The Way of Water, which also releases on December 16.

Now coming to the negative, the film seems a bit long due to its slow screenplay. Apart from kids, this Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon starrer will not be able to satisfy any other age group completely. Talking about the competition, even though the film does not have any major upcoming challenge for the next 2-3 weeks, there is one in the form of Drishyam 2, which released last week.

This film of Ajay Devgan is working between both class and public. It is expected to continue its strong run at the box office and dent the numbers of this Amar Kaushik directorial.

The content of Bhediya makes it suitable for A centers and B centers (to some extent), but since the word of mouth buzz is not entirely positive, the film will not be able to take full advantage at the box office.

Bhediya Box Office Review: Final Verdict

Altogether, wolfDespite being an honest attempt from Bollywood to do something different, it didn’t tick all the boxes. Despite running free for 2-3 weeks, the film will not be able to earn much at the ticket window due to its shortcomings. Moreover, Drishyam 2, which has retained a good chunk of the screen, will dent the potential of the film.

Earnings are expected to be anywhere between 45-60 crores at the Indian box office. So, we can say that this Varun Dhawan’s ‘Mere Andra Ka Rakshasa’ show is not the box office monster we were expecting!

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