Bhediya Movie Review By KRK, Calls Varun Dhawan Starrer ‘Aa Thoo’ & Adds “(Bollywood) Filmmakers Should Try To Make…”

Bhedia Movie Review by KRK, Varun Dhawan Starrer ‘Aa Thu’ (Photo Credits – Instagram)

KRK never misses an opportunity to review each and every Bollywood movie, its trailer and teaser. He often takes to Twitter and leaves his reviews taking the web by storm. Earlier, the self-proclaimed critic was in the news when he bashed the teaser of Adipurush left, right and centre. Critics criticized the makers for poor VFX. KRK recently reviewed Varun Dhawan starrer Bhediya and his review is already in the news for all the interesting reasons.

The film released on the big screens this morning and has received mixed reviews critics And audience, Scroll down to read what he had to say about the film.

KRK on Twitter called Varun Dhawan’s film Bhediya as ‘director’s brain khurafat’ and asked the Bollywood director to make good films. After watching the first half of the film, KRK wrote, ‘It’s the interval and even ‘Bhediya Movie’ is a torture. If you want to learn how a road is made in the forest of Arunachal Pradesh then you must watch the movie. The director has written a fit instead of an interval, that be safe from this film!”

KRK is about to give 1 star to the wolf when he says ‘Aa Thu’. “What can I say about #wolf! It’s not the film, it’s the director’s mind! Film makers should try to make good films when people are not coming to the theatres. But instead of making films, they are busy fooling corporate houses to earn money. Aa thu 1* only,” he wrote in the next tweet.

Reacting to the same, a user told KRK, “You made fun of Pushpa, RRR, Allu Arjun made a personal attack on her looks, Drishyam bad review..sab thuk ke chatna aapki borni habit..ura sahasi self made Man I respect you.” But ura chigat sadist bhi.”

Coming back, what are your thoughts on KRK’s review for Bheriya? Tell us

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