Bhediya Movie Review: You’ll Come In For Varun Dhawan, But Will Stay Back For Abhishek Banerjee!

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Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, Abhishek Banerjee, Pauline Kabak, Deepak Dobriyal, Kriti Sanon, Saurabh Shukla

the director: Amar Kaushik

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What’s good: Simple Abhishek Banerjee delivering lines like “Its praan aur g**nd aapke haath mein hai…ubad khaabad chutad…” and many more ROFL moments

What’s worse: a weak motive trying to add everything good

Loo Break: Only if you want your a** to be bitten by the ‘wolf’ in the washroom

Watch or not?: Liked Stree Aur Bala? you will enjoy it too

Language: Hindi

Available at: theatrical release

runtime: 156 minutes

user Rating:

The story begins with Sharad Kelkar’s character narrating the terrifying tale of the wolf to his daughter, a foretaste of what is to come next. Bhaskar is a contractor who gets a big job of cutting a road through the middle of the forest in Ziro. After a hilarious but subtle ‘not knowing Northeast enough’ attack on his cousin Janardhan (Abhishek Banerjee), Bhaskar relocates to Ziro where he meets his local friend Jobin (Palin Kabak).

With the help of Jobin and a local named Panda Ji (Deepak Dobriyal), Bhaskar tries to persuade the local people to let him cut down the forest. But, as they say, if you mess with nature, it messes with you and so does Bhaskar when he is attacked by Bhediya aka ‘Bhediya’ aka Vishnu is cut off. Passionately rabies and quoting Rahul Roy, Bhaskar also turns into a wolf on a full moon day who then tries to destroy his project. How will it be treated? Will he fight the ‘wolf’ within him to complete the project he has taken up? That’s more the main gist of the story.

Bhediya Movie Review!
Bhediya Movie Review Out! (photo credit-still from wolf)

Bhediya Movie Review: Script Analysis

Before we get into the technicalities, a message to all the fans who think 3 stars is a ‘bad’ rating: open your mind, it’s not. There are 3 ie flaws but in spite of this the film can be seen. Amidst the multitude of unfounded ‘4, 4.5 and 5’ stars, we have almost disregarded the value of 3 stars for not being ‘good enough’ by your ‘standards’. 3 is still a totally watchable movie. End of rant.

OK, Hot Take: Director Amar Kaushik Before this Stree Aur Bala have done 2 amazing movies – a hilarious horror and a heart wrenching dramedy. Now, when someone comes back in a genre that they have already captured, it is expected that they will come back with the same team. not here! Amar returns with the writer of Bala (Niren Bhatt) when the makers should have retained Raj-DK (writer of Stree) as they have done so before and could have been a safer bet.

Niren Bhatt himself writes the story, screenplay and dialogues. This is not to say at all, he has done a shoddy job, but it is the balance that is missing in various departments. He is brilliant with his one-liners but also the story is not coherent from start to finish with a few bumpers in between. The ‘what’ happens when Varun turns into a wolf on the big screen, but the ‘why’ he turns into a wolf, is somewhere incomplete. Niren balances his shortcomings with his USP as ever – awesome dialogues (sorry, had to do it once!).

Jishnu Bhattacharjee was an apt choice to direct the film’s photography as he is coming straight out of films like Ajji, Pari and Mardaani 2. His work experience in Pari certainly helps him create this mystic world with a fauna around the forest of Siro. Loosen it up. MPC’s VFX is *Chef’s Kiss* and while discussing it, it might be the most neglected thing about this movie. From Varun’s epic transformation scene into a wolf to glorifying the natural beauty of the jungle, nothing feels artificial with the closeness to the real-looking creatures (remembers you RRR). Samyuktha Kaza’s editing is crisp at some places and dull in others, it is also because of the two opposite sides the narrator is forced to portray because of the story.

Bhediya Movie Review: Star Performance

Varun Dhawan in his transformation in the wolf scene > Varun Dhawan in the full movie. He is a charming actor, everyone knows that, and as Bhaskar he is charming in his own way. Bhaskar is saying.

Abhishek Banerjee is the real hero of this film for me. Yes, Varun is the brand that sells the film but it is Abhishek who will actually sell the film to you. This is majorly because his character majorly enjoys everything that the story has to offer. The kind of consistency this guy has, he will never play a bad role in his life.

Palin Kabak is a great addition to the lead pair of Varun and Abhishek. Portraying her as the voice of the Northeast, Palin excels in both comedy and drama. His upbeat take on the inclusivity of the Northeast is a fine mix of wakefulness and humour, which is performed equally well. Deepak Dobriyal’s character could have been better but the consistency of this man as Abhishek is also unmatched. Kriti Sanon is good in her limited screen time but falls victim to a bad character sketch. We have seen in Mimi her ability to surprise everyone and it leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Saurabh Shukla is as good as not being in the film.

Bhediya Movie Review!
Bhediya Movie Review Out! (photo credit-still from wolf)

Bhediya Movie Review: Direction, Music

If this was Amar Kaushik’s debut, I would have praised it a bit more than the above, but he has given us two of the most memorable films, which makes it seem a bit less appealing than those films. But, as a standalone film, Amar has once again directed an engrossing film that will not bore you in the second half… Ahem – Phone Bhoot – Ahem… And in fact, by the end it has a Will leave a sweet message.

Since then Sachin-Jigar’s fan chaos, during the days of Noise in the City, but like other composers he too lacked that proper consistency in his taste that a Pritam/Rahman might have. But, even with the limited number of songs from Bhedia, they have returned to their original flavour. Everything else is the perfect street song that many people won’t even realize they need until they hear it. When you can convince Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani to come together for a song, you know it’s a guaranteed hit and Jungle Mein Kand proves the same. An unreleased rap remix of Lata Mangeshkar’s classic ‘Aayega Aayega’ hits the right bars and chords and requests Sachin-Jigar: Please, release it soon.

Bhediya Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, The Infiltrator delivers what it promises – great one-liners, classy VFX, some jumpcares and decent performances. But if you go beyond those promises, you’ll find nothing to hook you. Won’t get enough.

Three stars!

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