Bholaa Result Of Koimoi ‘How’s The Hype?’ Out! Ajay Devgn Starrer Gets Good Support, Beats Drishyam 2’s 73% Votes In Favour!

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How is the promotion? Result of Bhola (Photo Credits- Movie Still)

Ajay Devgn’s much awaited Bhola is releasing in cinemas worldwide tomorrow. As per the promo, the film is a big screen action film and is expected to do wonders at the box office. We’ll have to wait for tomorrow for the real verdict, but till then let’s take a look at Koimoi’s ‘How’s the Hype?’ How did these veterans perform?

For those who don’t know, ‘How’s the Hype?’ In India, we conduct Twitter polls for songs, trailers and other promotional material for a particular film. The average of all these polls is then taken as the result, which is published a day or two before the film’s release.

teaser 1

The first teaser of Bhola is very mysterious and “Who is he?” leaves the question. The background is thrilling and gives an adrenaline rush. It managed to garner solid publicity upon release. on twitter, it received 78% Vote in favor.

teaser 2

The second teaser gives a small glimpse of a chilling face-off between Ajay Devgn and his enemies but still leaves you wondering as it hardly reveals anything about the story. on twitter, it brought 74% Vote in favor.


The trailer of the film finally gives us a glimpse of the main antagonist without telling much about him. On the other hand, Ajay’s roaring avatar is seen, who single-handedly takes on the evil forces. We are given the power packed BGM and amazing action but the basic story is still kept under wraps. it was received 81% Vote on Twitter.

Nazar Lag Jayegi song

Nazar Lag Jayegi Bhola is a situational romantic track featuring Ajay Devgn and personnel Paul. It is a melodious track composed by Ravi Basrur and sung by Javed Ali. 69% Twitter voters voted in favor.

Aadha Main Aadhi Vo song

singer b speech And composed by Ravi Basrur, Aadha Me Aadhi Wo is a sad tune. It focuses more on the relationship between Ajay and his daughter (supposedly). was liked by 77% of our Twitter voters.

Overall, Bhola gets a thumbs up 76% Twitter voters and considering this is a remake is really cool. It has left behind Drishyam 2 (73%), indicating a good opening is on the cards. Drishyam 2 would be the minimum expected to go beyond 15.38 crores; Everything else will depend on oral conversation.

Stay tuned to Koimoi for more entertainment updates!

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