Bigg Boss 10 Fame Manu Punjabi On Comparing Himself To Other Actors: “We Harm Ourselves”

Bigg Boss 10 fame Manu Punjabi compares herself to other actors (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Former ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contestant Manu Punjabi says she enjoys putting together performance and happiness at workplace.

Manu says: “I believe that performance and happiness go hand in hand in making our work a success. I enjoy being happy and it’s something I do every year for myself. I believe being happy enables me to perform well on the sets and keeps my interest in learning something new every day.”

Manu Punjabi who participated in ‘Big Boss 10′ and later entered the 14th season once again as one challenger said that the best way to practice to be happy is not to over-analyze any issues.

Manu Punjabi adds: “Happy people have faith that whatever goes wrong, it will be fixed on its own. I’ve learned that happy people don’t fix themselves and their problems. They do not over-analyze the issues. When we get stuck in a problem or start feeling stressed, we need to focus our attention on something else. I remind myself there’s no need to figure it all out: Get out. go back to your work. Plan something fun.”

Manu Punjabi who hosted and acted in a reality TV show called ‘A Date to Remember’ Bollywood The film titled ‘Miss Masala Dosa’ doesn’t like comparisons. “I never enjoy comparisons. Comparisons have been likened to a small death. When we compare ourselves to others, we harm ourselves. Being happy lets us know that we are another person.” No better or less than you. Someone will always be in a more developed place and someone will always be less developed. We need to get into the habit of just focusing on how you do your best and that’s it.

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