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    Bigg Boss 15: Kashmera Shah Believes Ieshaan Sehgaal Is In Real Love But Doubts Miesha Iyer

    Bigg Boss 15: Kashmera Shah talks about Ishaan Sehgal and Misha Iyer’s romance (Picture Credits: Instagram)

    Bigg Boss 15 is everywhere as people cannot stop talking about the latest season. From abuse to age shaming, the show has seen it all in just 2 weeks. However, the show is also making headlines for the romance of Ishaan Sehgal and Misha Iyer. The two are often seen kissing and hugging, however, contestants including netizens are scratching their heads in confusion and now a former BB contestant and actress Kashmera Shah shared her opinion about the same.

    Describing their romance to enthusiastic fans as fake, some accused the former Splitsvilla contestant of playing a game with Ishaan.

    Meanwhile, Kashmera Shah, who follows Bigg Boss like a true fan every year, opened up on Ishaan Sehgal and Misha Iyer’s relationship in BB15, writing on Twitter, “Kabhi kabhi pyar hota hai hai . I know it sounds fast and unreal but why do I love #IeshanSehgaal so much. The way he talks to #meisha and promises that he will not lose his temper, is awesome. I see true love for him in his eyes. I am still unsure about #meisha.”

    Kashmera Shah also said, “I also think we will see a stronger @realumarriaz now. I liked his way of taking a stand and then fighting the lovebirds and then putting on makeup too. Clear leadership and focus. Anybody # thatsthetruth doesn’t want to be nominated.”

    Other than this ActressAnother former Bigg Boss contestant, Andy Kumar shared his thoughts on the same, he wrote, “Everyone can see #MeishaIyer playing a game and #IshaanSehgal is a lost puppy! I love you in 7 days.”

    The closeness of Ishaan Sehgal and Misha Iyer was also discussed during the first Weekend Ka Vaar episode, where Salman Khan Both the contestants teased and called it the fastest romance in the history of Bigg Boss.

    Bigg Boss 15 contestants like Afsana Khan, Jai Bhanushali and Umar Riaz were also seen questioning their growing closeness. Jai said, “We thought it would happen in Dai Month, these people started in two and a half days.”

    On the other hand, Umar Riaz, who shared cold vibes with Ishaan from day one, said, “Misha is playing a game with Ishaan.”

    Amidst all the comments, one thing is common that everyone is suspicious of Misha Iyer while others are treating Ishaan Sehgal as real.

    Let us know your thoughts about it, and which of the two love birds do you find more honest?

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