Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Vikkas Manaktala Accuses Makers Of Biasness Towards Archana Gautam: “Uske Image Ko Cushion Kiya Jaa Raha Hai Aur Galtiyon Ko Nazar Andaaz”

Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Evicted contestant Vikas Manaktala details all the prejudices done for Archana Gautam: “Her image is being cushioned and mistakes are overlooked” (Photo Credits – Still Show)

Bigg Boss 16 is as much synonymous with fights and arguments as it is with growing friendships and loving relationships. While we continue to watch the BB16 housemates and send hearts to the controversial house, we have also said goodbye to a few, the most recent development being Manaktala.

During an exclusive chat, we asked the now evicted BB 16 contestant about one of his recent clashes with fellow housemate Archana Gautam in the kitchen. For those who are not in the know, during an episode that aired in the last week of December, Mankatla and Gautam were engaged in a heated argument over the earlier boiling water. Unhappy with his presence in the kitchen, Archana throws hot water, causing some part to fall into the hot oil and Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary almost takes the liquid on her body.

During our chat with us, we asked Vikas Mankatla about the episode and whether he feels that Archana Gautam should be punished as hot water spilling on a person could have left her with marks. answering us when we asked Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary Almost as soon as boiling water was offered on his head, Vikas said, “Water was spilled on me too.”

On asking him if he felt that Bigg Boss should have taken strict action against Archana Gautam – considering that an actor’s face is what gets him roles, Vikas Manaktala said “It was very scary.” The Left Right Left actor continued, “It was splattering in the air and it was very scary. I am very happy that Priyanka survived. It was (showing distance with his hand) closer and could go to the face, could go to the body. Body on my own body, came over the clothes. There was not just hot water, hot water had spilled over hot oil. it was very scary.”

Revealing whether Archana Gautam deserves to be punished for this or not, Vikas says, “I think Bigg Boss must have taken stock of this and there should be some decisions, some harsh (decisions) , But… I don’t know, Bigg Boss ka game is their game.” When asked about the incident ahead, the actor said, “Yeh jo cheez woh kar rahi hai… Agar thodi woh thodi responsible hoti toh ye paneer nahi karti. She was very, very irresponsible. And he probably still hasn’t understood the society that if even 1% is caught by someone, then what are its consequences or how wrong the results can be.

He said, “I also believe that Bigg Boss should have taken very strict action for this. Can’t find why you didn’t take us. Talking about Salman Khan giving her a ‘lecture’ during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, she said, “I felt it was very unfair. It has never happened that someone has multiple issues – with my Archana.” happened before, Shalin Happened to Kay Stan. Everyone is always remanded in front of everyone and resolved and understood. So I felt that it is very wrong that somewhere his image is being cushioned and his mistakes are being ignored. And this is absolutely wrong. This was a very unfair and biased approach.

When asked if he feels the makers of Bigg Boss 16 are cushioning Archana Gautam’s image because of her affiliation with a political party, Vikas Manaktala said, “I don’t know what their reasons are – Yeh Toh Kaun People are telling only. payenge. But yes, these people are definitely unfair and biased towards them.”

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