Bilal Abbas Opens Up About Falling in Love Again |

Bilal Abbas Khan is a famous Pakistani television and film actor who has a huge fan following due to his impressive performances in popular TV dramas including Gaal, Pyar Ki Sadak, O Rangreza, Bala, Dobara and Dunk. His superb acting skills are loved by his fans and they love to watch him on screen. His new play is with Sajal Aly for ARY Digital.

Recently Bilal Abbas spoke to Fuchsia Magazine talking about falling in love, he said, “So far I am not dating anyone but I believe in love, I believe in marriage but I It seems that if something has to be done, it will happen, I don’t know why I falter, I am getting confused while talking about love, but when it has to happen, it will happen. Also, despite my confusion, I will deal with such a situation. .

Bilal Abbas talks about falling in love again

He further elaborated on the idea of ​​soulmate, Bilal said, “I believe in soulmate, love for me is about honesty, respect, loyalty, companionship and mutual appreciation with each other, if you claim that.” If you love someone then these are important, if nothing like that then you are just talking amongst yourselves and not in love, currently, I am not seeing anyone. Here is the short clip:

Earlier, there were rumors about Bilal Abbas and Ramsha Khan’s relationship which soon vanished after both of them unfollowed each other.

Bilal Abbas talks about falling in love again