Bill Hader On How That Jolting ‘Barry’ Season 3 Finale Came To Be – Crew Call Podcast

spoiler ALERT: The following podcasts and articles contain spoilers about tonight’s Season 3 finale. HBO‘s barry,

After three seasons of investigation, the police finally surround Barry.

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In a sting operation conducted by Janice’s father, Jim Moss (Robert Wisdom), the titular hit man, played by Bill Hader, the former is lured into the house by his acting mentor Jean Cousineau (Emmy winner Henry Winkler). Entering Season 4, Barry has no choice but to pay Piper to kill Cousin’s boyfriend.

“He’s going to take me down, Barry, he’s going to ruin me,” Cousin tells Barry about Moss in a ploy to implicate his former thespian student.

In an earlier episode we see Barry’s girlfriend, Sally (Sarah Goldberg), returning to the man who verbally abused her: she comes to the frantic decision that Barry’s blunt power is due to her friend Natalie (D. ‘Arcy Kardon) can be used to intimidate. For stealing the idea of ​​her TV series. But then an intruder from Barry’s past breaks into the room, briefly knocking him over and nearly killing Sally. Sally overpowered him, thrashing the intruder to death with a Barry-style bat. Barry tells him he’ll clean up the mess, which he does, and it looks like they’re going to reunite and lamb together, until a SWAT team at Moss’s house picks him up. Didn’t catch

You can listen to our conversation about tonight’s finale with “Getting Started Now” barry Haider, co-producer, EP, and director:

Haider says Barry’s eventual arrest was one of the board’s first thoughts in the writers’ room when they began breaking up the story on Season 3 in 2020.

“We said, ‘Wow, this isn’t funny. It’s so dark.’ But it felt honest and felt like where… SNL alum

With regard to Barry’s relationship with Sally, it is a vicious cycle, violence leads to violence.

“It’s about trying to take the blame for it. That’s what he’s trying to do every season, get a sense of forgiveness,” Heather explains of Barry’s abusive tendencies.

“It’s the abuse that she’s gone through with her ex-husband her whole life,” Hyder explains, “that’s the cycle; she has to be violent to get out of it…it’s her trauma.

“Their character journeys (are) intersect at one point; This is actually the first time on the show where you finally see the acting world officially infiltrate Barry’s world of crime,” Haider told Deadline’s crew call tonight.

The 3x Primetime Emmy winner tells us he’s in the middle of writing Season 4 and plans to begin production in two months. He will direct all the episodes of the next season.

Haider also talks about the cinematic tone of Season 3, how Barry survived the poison during this period. 7, the show’s Emmy submission of ep. 6 “71ON,” and the new feature script they cracked during the pandemic.