Bill Maher And Rob Schneider Defend Jay Leno, Take On Homeless Issue On ‘Club Random’ Podcast

the former tonight show According to host Jay Leno, one of the greatest bill mahero, But there is a group that does not agree with this, he adds. “I don’t understand this animosity coming from some people.”

Maher Associated with Comedian/Actor Rob Schneider For a candid conversation about fellow comedians and actors with a dollop of politics, as part of Maher’s routine club random podcast, is released every Sunday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google. This week’s edition was no-holds-barred, as the two outspoken comics were engulfed in an extensive discussion.

Regarding Leno, Schneider said that any bad blood is “just jealousy. Can you believe there’s jealousy in stand-up, is that what you’re saying?”

Maher quipped, “Well, I guess, not stand-up. But in getting the Crown Plum talk show, yeah. I don’t know what Jimmy and Conan, who I like — I don’t live in the middle of it.” Wanted, but I don’t know why they hate him so much.”

Schneider said, “I know, but it’s like a car accident, you have to see. There’s not a single person Jay hasn’t helped.” This includes Schneider, who describes how he moved Leno around in his early days when the comic came to San Francisco.

The homeless situation in Los Angeles also came in for some scrutiny.

“I moved to Arizona,” Schneider said. “I don’t know how you guys do it. How much more can California take? You have homeless people on the lawn, do you have to drive them into your house, finger your wife? At what point do you say , “I’m fucking out of here.”

Schneider added. “First of all, maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. We’re either facing a huge homelessness problem, or a huge camp success story. We have to look at it both ways. Tent companies are killing it right now. , bill.”

Maher had his own take. “I know. I go through this city and especially, when I’m out of town, coming back from the airport, I always take this route from Burbank airport. Underpass Woodstock’ Looks like 99.