Bill Maher Asks A Question Even A Meathead Can’t Answer On ‘Real Time’

accusers bill mahero Going too far from its eclectic roots to be happy with the lineup for Friday real time on HBO. From film director and writer john waters for Democratic Senator amy klobuchar Director/actor and extreme liberal activist Rob ReinerIt was clearly a group that leaned on the left side of the aisle.

Except Maher wasn’t afraid to leave the script without telling and call one of his guests on a tricky issue: Hunter Biden’s laptop and the apparent suppression of that story in the media.

Maher quickly cast her net, giving her panelists enough rope to voice their views on abortion, which Biden, Jan. 6, and the recent spending bill,

Maher was tired of it at a time when he was brought up in “the walls are closing in” fashion, mocking former President Donald Trump’s glee at Reiner and Klobuchar’s Boxgate issues.

“You know how many times I’ve heard it on MSNBC?” Maher said of Rainer’s claim that Trump would be charged. “Now we’ve got that!”

A few beats later, Maher zoomed in to kill when he described how the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the evidence for its impact had effectively been crushed.

Maher turned the conversation on a recent statement from podcaster Sam Harris, who said the plot to silence that story before the 2020 election was fine, because it did a greater good job of defeating Trump.

Maher asked if it was okay to engage in that repression if the other side is so bad then anything is fair.

Rainer seemed nervous and tried to change the subject back to Jan 6th The rebellion Maher did not let him escape. “They buried the Hunter Biden story.”

Rainer tried to recover by denying the base. “You know for a fact what they did? I don’t know”

“It’s because you only watch MSNBC,” Maher shot back.

Klobuchar tried to cover up by allowing Rainer, “I don’t know if they all said it,” and added, “You have to make sure you’re treating people fairly.” She said that she was sitting back and letting the Justice Department do its work, thereby avoiding the original question.

Earlier, John Waters had come to whip up his new book, Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance, The conversations range from the various priorities on the sidewalks along Santa Monica Boulevard to what will happen at the planned Waters exhibit at the Academy of Motion Pictures Museum.

Waters was pleased to make fun of himself, noting that his Hollywood Walk of Fame star was welcomed by a friend with the note, “Closer to the gutter than ever!;

“I make fun of myself and the rules I live by,” Waters said of avoiding any cancellations during his controversial career. “I make fun of political correctness.”

Waters once worked with Johnny Depp, but declined to discuss the matter, save for one point: “I wish they were back together and drove everyone crazy.”

Maher’s New Rules editorial was a take on Straw Man’s arguments, with an actual Straw Man masquerading as a prop. Maher praised Salman Rushdie’s stabbing mother Silvana Fardos, saying she is an example of the courage we all must strive to achieve.