Billie Eilish Forced To Pause London Concert After Fans Suffer In Heat

Billy Elisho He had to stop his concert on Saturday evening after fans’ difficulties at London’s O2 Arena.

The hot temperatures inside the auditorium meant that some fans were at risk of being crushed and overwhelmed, something the American singer noticed and his music stopped.

The BBC reports that Eilish was concerned about fans in front of the stage and asked him, “Are you okay? People were fainting and passing out. It’s hot, I know.

“Take a step back, give everyone some space. If someone’s feeling a little weird, just tell someone. Don’t try to save feelings.”

Fans were seen caring for each other and Eilish was able to resume his concerts a few minutes later.

The singer previously closed a show in Atlanta after a spectator had difficulty breathing, and called for an inhaler.

The 20-year-old Oscar-winning star will head to this year’s Glastonbury Festival later this month, making her the youngest solo headliner in the event’s history.

crowd safety Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival has been the subject of increased scrutiny after the tragedy last year, when 10 spectators died during a crush at a concert in Houston. The investigation into the circumstances of the disaster is ongoing.