Biopic Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Wraps Production, Sets Theatrical Release

Production is wrapped up on Blinda biopic of lineage of ducks Vice Chancellor Phil Robertson Distribution plans are being finalized, with a theatrical release date for September 22, 2023.

Set in the Deep South in the 1960s and shot on location in Louisiana, Blind Shares never-before-seen aspects of Robertson’s life as he seeks to conquer the embarrassment of his past, addiction and complicated family dynamics, eventually finding redemption in an unexpected place. “It was important to us that the film be real,” said Willie Robertson, Phil’s son. “Phil’s transformation proves that anyone can change and there is always hope.”

Directed by Andrew Hyatt (Paul, Christ’s Apostle, Full of Grace) Aaron von Andrian in the movie (trickster), Amelia Eve (The Haunting of Bailey Manor), Brielle Robillard (Lake) and Matthew Eric White (station 19) Written by Stephanie Katz (all in,

lineage of ducks was an entertainment event, which set a record for viewership during its 11 seasons. a and e, and setting multiple records for most-watched episodes, most-watched series, and, ultimately, most-watched telecasts in A&E history up to that time by fans of the Robertson family’s successful business. Which catered to the duck hunter. The Robertson men were known for their large beards and evangelical Christian views. Multiple episodes attracted over 9 million viewers, with an average of 9.4 million viewers per season.

become a family member new York Times Bestselling author and found commercial success with ventures ranging from restaurants to merchandise and live events. The original show is now streamed on Fox Nation, which released a new one this year, duck family treasure,

Zach Dasher, one of the film’s producers and nephew of Phil Robertson, said, “There is a large, unqualified audience that cares deeply for Robertson.” “This film shows the origins of this beloved family with an authenticity that will surprise and inspire millions of fans.”

The film is produced by Willie and Corey Robertson and Zach Dasher of Trade Lively, executive producer Bob Katz and Troy Duhon of faith-based GND Media Group. “Andha is a powerful story about love and redemption. This movie will show that no one is beyond the mercy of God and no one has gone so far that they cannot change their life. ,