Blurr Movie Review: Disjointed Scenes, Confused Storytelling End Up Snatching The ‘Thrill’ From This ‘Thriller’

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Star Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Gulshan Devaiah, Abhilash Thapliyal and an ensemble cast.

the director: Ajay Behl

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What’s good: Abhilash Thapliyal has managed to be the best thing about this film with just his silhouette and mid-riff.

What’s worse: A thriller trying so hard to be a thriller that it completely forgets that it has to interact with its audience and not just itself.

Loo Break: Nothing really seems to connect here, take one at any given point.

View or not?: Only if you have no other option and it’s not even a rare case scenario.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Available at: zee5

runtime: 126 minutes

user Rating:

One of the twin sisters ends her life under some very strange circumstances and the survivor is left to find out whether it was suicide or murder. The investigation leads down some dark alleys and the bad guy is a lunatic.

blur movie review
Blur Movie Review (Photo Credits – A Still From Blur)

Blur Movie Review: Script Analysis

Whodunits are one of the most sought after films in cinema, irrespective of the language and scenario in which they are made. It demands ultimate attention not only from the producer and the crew involved in making it, but also the audience as they have to understand. and dissect it. In this barter, if the audience’s investment is wasted due to the slowness of the product, it hurts more than in a normal film. PS: Malayalam Movie past tense A great example of how thrillers are made in recent times.

Blur starring and produced by Taapsee Pannu is a classic example of how not to make a thriller anymore. Directed by Ajay Behl and written by him along with Pawan Soni, the film is a remake of the 2010 Spanish film Julia’s Eyes. The premise of the film is quite complex. A blind girl hangs herself in the presence of a mysterious man and her sister has to find out who is jumping in the same mess. It even starts with a very sinister scene, and then leads to revelations. But Behl and his co-writer took the lead with the word ‘go’.

There is no visible attempt to introduce any new or improvised way of storytelling. It’s the same technology we’ve seen over the years. Convenient plot twists, everyone is in the right place at the right time, or maybe the wrong place, you get it. For example, Taapsee blindly enters a room full of women and infers that they are discussing her sister’s death with the tiniest of details, including the name of the hotel she visited. ! Many such instances kill the urge to get a unique film.

The rest of it is hit with a pace that doesn’t care about the feelings of its protagonist who has lost her sister, husband and is about to lose her sight. She is never given room for sadness, so at least she looks human enough that we can relate to her. The film is so hellbent on jumping from scene to scene that it even introduces certain points and completely forgets them. The dead sister was a musician who hated rap. Why was she a musician? How does it serve the purpose of the story if you’ve highlighted it so clearly?

Credit where it’s due, the idea of ​​not showing the faces of people around Taapsee after she loses her eyesight is good and something new. But its construction reduces the effect. Yes, the film is trying to talk about our lack of attention to the people around us and their intentions, but the track it chooses to drive home is too cheesy.

Blur movie review: Star performance

This is Taapsee Pannu third remake this year. The last two were great and deserve all kinds of praise for how fresh and pumped they were. But this is not the Taapsee we deserve. Her performances as both Gayatri and Gautami are restrained and don’t seem to be opening up fully. There is scope for a lot more in this and you don’t need a master sensibility to see it. The actor has done a better job and needs to get back to the same.

Gulshan Devaiah plays a husband who is also a potential criminal but also disappears in between. His part is written so abruptly that nothing about it makes any sense to the script after a point.

Although Abhilash Thapliyal is in a completely different film. With very confused aims, the actor is convinced of being bad and puts in a lot of effort to fulfill the material he is given.

blur movie review
Blur Movie Review Out (Photo Credits – A Still From Blur)

Blur Movie Review: Direction, Music

Ajay Behl relies heavily on the landscape in which he has set his film. Full marks to Sudhir K Chowdhary for creating the gory atmosphere with his camera, but it’s not enough to make a complete film. Also, why is the editing of the film done so abruptly? Most of the time the scenes jump from one to the other without any transition elements. If it was a tool to create an effect, it didn’t work, at least for me.

Blur Movie Review: The Last Word

Blur is how not to make whodunits anymore. Taapsee Pannu deserves better than this and this is not even close to that.

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