Bob Odenkirk On Bidding Adieu To ‘Better Call Saul’, Thanks Fans & Co-Workers In Emotional Video

breaking bad By-product better call Saul Monday night finished its six-season run on AMC. After the 63rd and final episode aired, Star Bob Odenkirkko took to Twitter to express his thanks and tried to describe his state of mind in bidding farewell to Saul Goodman and the show itself. “It’s a mystery to me how this happened,” he said in an emotional and heartfelt video (watch it in full below).

Odenkirk, who co-starred breaking bad Before diving into the origins of Saul Goodman in the spinoff, he said late Monday, “Everyone is asking me how I feel about saying goodbye to Saul Goodman and better call Saul And I’m not good at answering this question because it’s obviously hard for me to look at that experience and even that character very closely. It’s a lot of moving parts and they fit together so beautifully and it’s a mystery to me how it came to be. ,

He also thanked Gilligan and Gould, saying, “I didn’t deserve the part, but I hope I earned it in six seasons.”

Odenkirk further expressed his gratitude to his fellow actors, crew and fans. As for the latter group, he said, “Thank you for giving us the opportunity, because we came out with probably a lot of people’s favorite shows and we might have hated to try to do just one show, but we got a The opportunity was given. And hopefully we have made the most of it.”

created by Vince Gilligan And peter goldand produced by Sony Pictures Television, better call Saul First aired in 2015, developing a passionate fanbase and high praise from critics. It has seven Emmy nominations at this year’s September 12 ceremony.

Here’s the full video: