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as I thought, Thor: Love and Thunder Collections failed to hit double digits on Monday with a fall. It was also on the cards when after a huge opening day; There was a drop in collections on Friday. Yes, things got a lot better on Saturday and Sunday and the collection went up again, resulting in a sort of mess, which is not the way the traditional trend works. However, with the extended weekend ensuring that the work was done, what with Rs. 64.80 cr already, Monday’s collection is Rs. 6 crores * Do not do more damage. Till now total Rs. 70.80 crore*.

The film that needs a close watch on Weekday Collections is Khuda Hafiz: Chapter 2, The film did not open as expected on Friday and did not grow to the extent that the makers had expected on Saturday. However, Sunday was good, especially since Eid fell on that day and the content of the film was such that attracted the target crowd. On Monday also there was a good spill over with the rupee. 1.30 Cr* more is coming, resulting in Rs. 7.45 Crore* Total. However, what is needed from here on is the collection to be stable throughout.

In this sense Madhavan’s rocketry Is doing well because it is bringing in the kind of footfall that content films used to do during pre-pandemic. Of course, the scale used to be at least 50% higher than this back in 2019, but then they were different times and there was no temptation to have an OTT release in 4 weeks flat. Today, content films are struggling because of the minimal amount of time between theatrical and digital releases, although thankfully this will not be the case for new releases.

During this, rocketry trying my best as its second monday [Rs. 1.1 crores*] was bigger than your first friday [Rs. 0.94 crores], which clearly shows that the film has been well received by the audience and will collect a lot more than its buck. 13.76 Crore* Total.

*Estimate. final number awaited

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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