Brad Pitt Reveals Facing Years Of “Low-Grade Depression” After Split From Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie!

Brad Pitt gets emotional in a new interview (Photo Credits: Wikipedia)

Brad Pitt is making headlines this week as he talks about his emotional state after splitting from Angelina Jolie. Pitt and Jolie were once an IT couple from Tinseltown, whose romance set goals for others. Brangelina dated for years before marrying in 2014 and had children over the years.

However, their marriage was short-lived, and Jolie filed for divorce after just two years, which was finalized in 2019. when they parted, Eternal The actress also accused Brad of domestic violence. The FBI was involved, but the case was dismissed.

Now Brad Pitt has spoken about his mental and physical condition after the breakup with Angelina Jolie. Speaking with GQ, the actor said, “I’ve always felt very lonely in my life, growing up as a kid alone, even lonely, and it’s really been a while. Not that I embrace my friends and family more.” She added that while growing up, emotional turmoil and deep sadness are inevitable, “I feel like all our hearts are broken.”

However, the Bullet Train actor was also able to find happiness. “I think joy has been a new discovery later in life. I was always going with the currents, flowing one way, and the next,” said Brad Pitt. “I think I spent years with low-grade depression, and it’s not until I’m coming to terms with it, trying to embrace all sides of myself—the beauty and the ugly— That I am able to capture those moments of happiness, ”the actor continued.

Meanwhile, as pit Openly sharing his feelings, it was previously said that the actor accused Angelina Jolie of attempting to “harm” her. This came after the Maleficent actress sold her shares of her French winery.

Brad Pitt sued Angelina Jolie over the move allegedly because it was done without her consent. A source said court papers said it was done with “venomous intentions”. Read more about it on Koimoi!

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