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on his third Monday, brahmastra The theaters continued to attract audiences and did well. Cinemas have reduced the ticket prices to just Rs. 100 and it allowed a much higher than regular footfall. Anyway, theaters’ rates are traditionally lower during the weekend than during the weekend. However, with the further drop in prices, this was actually good news.

That said, the footfall was not on the same lines as it was in Friday’s case when the scenario was exceptional. Since the National Cinema Day was being celebrated and the event was heavily promoted a week before, there were huge advance bookings which resulted in cinemas filling up. The news was already liking wildfire and as a result practically all screens were running at capacity, especially since noon. This was not the case on Monday at all as the awareness was not high and moreover it was the first working day of the week. Since a large number of viewers watched the film over the weekend anyway, the spill over was not as terrible as Friday.

Nevertheless, a beginning has been made and the need of the hour is to sustain this initiative. This cannot be a one time scenario only and the results need to be seen over a period of time and that too in 3-4 giants. maybe if Vikram Vedha still does Ram Setu And Thank God Then the situation will be clear, and further steps can be decided. is coming brahmastra Although now the film has earned Rs. 250 crore is a milestone as its total amount is Rs. 251 crores. With ticket rates coming down till Thursday, one is waiting to see how close it touches to Rs. 260 crore mark ago Vikram Vedha Comes.


*Estimate. final number awaited

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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