British Presenter “Ditched Plan To Film Dive, After OceanGate Sub Deemed Not Fit For Purpose”

A British TV presenter has revealed that, 235422136/">Discovery+ Explorer like Josh GatesHe considered creating a show in which he traveled to the wreck of the Titanic in the Oceangate Sub, before rejecting the plan as “unsafe”.

Sun reports that Ross Kemp — a veteran of daring documentary-making over the past two decades — had planned to make the show last summer, before opting out.

His agent Jonathan Shalit told the newspaper:

“His team checked out this Oceangate submersible and pulled out of using it, as it was not deemed safe or fit for purpose.”

Sun Quoting a TV insider who said: “When Oceangate’s tentative inquiries were made, the question was asked: ‘How much training does he need to go down in the Titanic’s submersible?’ And the answer was: ‘Not at all.’

“The company was initially noticed because they were a well-known organization, but later [production company] Any plans quickly unraveled when The Atlantic started asking questions.

Josh Gates said yesterday that he turned down the chance to make a movie on Titan, “Didn’t do well” after the security check.

It is the sad news this week that five people aboard the mini-sub Titan, three of them British, were killed in what experts described as a “catastrophic explosion”. Debris of the broken capsule has been found.