Britney Spears Can Now Sign Her Own Financial Paperwork, Declares Judge

At the first hearing since Los Angeles Superior Court judge formally terminated guardianship he controlled Britney Spears‘ About 14 years of life, the same judge today sealed the documents related to his estate plan and, According to Variety gave Spears the power to execute financial documents relating to her estate.

her dad jamie spears And others have controlled those decisions since 2008. insider Signal The change comes through an interim motion ahead of the January 19 hearing, on which the judge will consider the final version of the estate planning petition.

Judge Brenda Penney’s ruling – who found on November 12 that conservatism was “no longer needed” – ruled that the 40-year-old singer’s privacy rights outweighed the right of the public and even the entertainer’s father to see documents. given the right.

Accountant John Zabel filed a petition on estate planning information on Spears’ behalf. Jabel will continue as the temporary custodian of Spears’ assets, mainly to wrap up financial issues, which include creating a safety net to ensure that some of the singer’s assets are kept in trust.

Jamie Spears’ attorney, Alex Weingarten – not objecting to the petition’s sealing – said he could proceed for full access to the estate planning petition before the January 19 hearing. Weingarten said it had only received an amended copy of the petition.

A lawyer for the singer’s former managers, Tri-Star Sports and Entertainment Group, said he may also seek to see the documents on behalf of his client.

The singer’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, told the judge that Tri-Star may have “dissolved assets” from Spears’ assets.

Outside the courtroom after the hearing, Rosengart, who called the singer a “free and independent woman”, said she would continue to push for Jamie Spears to be deposed and during her time as custodian of her daughter’s business affairs. I will inquire about their work. The suspension and the final end of the guardianship earlier this year.

Rosengart said Jamie Spears has failed to appear twice for his statement and that he would file a motion to force her to attend a session if necessary.

During such a statement, Jamie Spears may be asked a variety of questions, including inquiries into her communications with her attorneys, Rosengart said.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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