Britney Spears Makes A Disturbing Comeback To Instagram In A Body Hugging Red Suit And Cake Smeared On Her

Britney smears herself with cake in ‘upset’ Instagram return (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Pop icon Britney Spears shared a sexy Santa dance with fans as she made a dramatic return to social media – before adding a “disturbing” birthday cake blur scene to the mix.

“The One More Time” Singer Britney She returned to Instagram with a bang when she belted out the classic Christmas tune “Santa Baby” wearing a figure-hugging red suit with white knee-high boots, reports “The Mirror.”

But low-quality phone footage of Britney Spears took a bizarre turn as she cut to a shot of her face applying a birthday cake – before applying cream to the front of her outfit. The singer, who turned 41 last week, opened up after 41.4 million Insta followers about his absence.

According to “The Mirror”, Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari previously said that the stage can be “traumatic” for the star, but warned fans to beware of being “overprotected”.

Breaking her silence, Britney wrote a caption that read: “30 Seconds to Mars!!! Yes, it’s my birthday all week and I know my Instagram has been down a few times, but honestly the last two times I’ve been down.” Did it myself!!! Oops… I accidentally pressed the wrong button… Damn that stupid button.

In the caption she indicated that she is already looking forward to next year as she also reflected on her ‘equal’ status since being released from a controversial guardianship that restricted her freedom.

Britney Spears, 41, celebrated her birthday on December 2 and appeared to be making the most of the celebration by applying cream to her face before continuing to ‘perform’ for the cameras.

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