Britney Spears Reveals Wearing A Diamond Thong On Her Wedding Day: “Hope I Didn’t Offend Anyone”

Britney Spears and beau Sam Asghari married earlier this week (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Britney Spears gave her fans a happy shock when she suddenly announced that she was married to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. The two married on June 9 in a star-studded intimate ceremony. While they looked like a million bucks, the events at their wedding were nothing short of the most interesting show. Yesterday was the day we found out about Spears re-creating her iconic kiss with KISS the mother of jesus, TODAY the pop sensation has revealed she wore a diamond thong on her D-Day.

for the formless, Brittany Sam has always been very vocal about her relationship with Asghari. Following the call for conservatism, fans were excited about the couple’s future. With a tough time going through, the two decided to walk down the aisle together and say ‘I do’. The pictures of the same have forced her to fall more in love.

But while all the cute stuff dominated the night and the guests and couple had enough fun, there was a quirky element that Queen B is known for. Britney Spears has now revealed that she wore a diamond thong under a jacket on the dance floor. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

Britney Spears shared some gorgeous anecdotes from her D-Day while posting a video compilation of wedding moments. While Sam Asghari and the bride were having fun, we could see Queen B burning on the dance floor with Madonna. And her caption is about the tuxedo seen in the same video.

Revealing that she wore a diamond thong underneath, Britney Spears wrote in her quirky caption, “Living is giving… pssss don’t worry I had my first diamond thong under my jacket… I didn’t offend anyone!!!” Catch the video right below.

Meanwhile, Madonna and Britney Spears decided to recreate their iconic kiss in a marriage that followed 20 years from 2003. The pictures are all over the internet and fans can’t have enough. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information!

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