BTS ARMY Finds J-Hope’s Doppelganger In India, The Similarities Are Sure To Blow Your Mind Away!

BTS ARMY Receives J-Hope’s Doppelganger in India, Check It Out! (photo credit – Instagram)

BTS has become a global phenomenon over the years and how! The boys have overcome every other hurdle so far and that is why fans believe that they will come back with a bang in the future. It is a known fact that the BTS fanbase, better known as ARMY, is extremely creative when it comes to fan editing and now they have started spotting doppelgangers as well. In recent incidents, Indian fans have hunted down an alleged Indian man who looks like the band’s dancing champion, J-Hope.

For those unaware, the Bangtan Boys have been all over social media ever since they announced that they were planning to focus on their solo career. He assured the fans that he will make a comeback with a bang but has not fixed any date on it yet. Since compulsory military service has not yet been waived for the seven members, some reports also suggest that they are preparing for all possible scenarios. However, they made it clear that they are not disbanding and will remain connected through the popular game show Run BTS.

In a recent turn of events, Indian bts army Member J-Hope aka Hobie has found a doppelganger and guesses he clearly comes from India. In a bunch of clips that are going viral among fans, the young man who goes by the Instagram name ‘ares_pun_mgr’ is being compared with J-Hope for his apparently matching facial features. In one of the viral fan-edits, the women can be seen having a crush on the man, while a Hindi song is playing in the background.

While a section of the internet believes he is Indian J-Hope, there are some comments which suggest that she is from Nepal. What do you think of the doppelganger? Tell us in the comments.

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