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    BTS Boys Once Revealed Which Member Takes 50 Mins To Shower & It’s Not Jimin

    Any guesses, which BTS member takes the longest shower? (photo credit – Facebook)

    Korean boy-band BTS has a special place in our hearts. The seven award winning singers/rappers/dancers from this K-pop group have their own specialties and special roles within the band. While V doesn’t like wearing shoes, RM has been known to lose his AirPods and Jin is known to always keep utensils in his bag – even if he never uses them. Well, today we will tell you about the quirks of another member.

    Which BTS member is always late? Any idea? Well, let us tell you — as of this 2019 interview — it’s not Jimin anymore. Read on to find out who she is and why it takes her ages to get ready.

    During a 2019 conversation with Radio Disney, the BTS boys – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook – played a rapid-fire session to find out who takes the longest shower. When asked ‘who is always late’, the boys quickly pointed fingers at Jimin but soon changed their preference to Jungkook. wondering why? Well, cause it’s K-pop rapper It takes about 50 minutes to take a bath.

    While 4 out of 7 BTS are quick to call Jimin the person who is always late, Jungkook raises his hand and says he is the one. Upon hearing his confession, the others agree with him and RM says, “It was always Jimin, but you know, it’s changed lately.” When he asks Jungkook “How do you feel about it? Why, are you so late?” The always late rapper said, “Um… taking a shower, so long.” “It takes him 50 minutes to shower, he overdos it,” says Jimin.

    Continuing on, BTS’s RM – in English, said, “He takes 50 minutes for a shower.” To which, Suga replied in Korean, “Well, he has to get up 50 minutes earlier.” Check out the video here:

    While initially talking about why the boys named Jimin, the K-pop idols revealed that he takes most of the time getting ready in the morning and even once and for a while. run late. During a 2019 interview with Time Magazine, the BTS boys were asked who spends the most time getting ready in the morning. RM started coughing and everyone pointed out that Jimin is late at times.

    When the other members wrote Jimin’s name, he apologized, saying, “I want to be the first to apologize for being late all the time. And I trust you all definitely know how hard I am trying.” Am.” This was when RM explained the age-old adage “I’m Jimin’ Today”, i.e. if a team member says they are running late.

    Do you know this trivia about BTS boys? stay tuned Koimoi For more such interesting facts.

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