BTS: J-Hope reveals Grammy performance was a letdown; shares desire to showcase extremely dark and raw side

bts And this bts army are celebrating 9 years since the beginning of BTS, RM, Jin, Suga, Zhop, Jimin, V and Jungkook all debuted on this day in 2013. And as part of their annual anniversary, BTS members had an interactive session with Weavers Magazine. J-Hope aka Jang HosokThe interview is over. The rapper, dancer and style icon of the BTS group has opened up about working evidence, grammy performance and their future aspirations. And BTS Army, Hobie’s dreams and ideas are great! see below: Also read- BTS: On Kim Taehyung’s birthday, fans from Dubai, Egypt, India, Ukraine, Chile and other countries shower love on their baby bears – see pics

BTS J-Hope thinks Grammy performance was disappointing

We all know how hard BTS works for every performance. And that’s what he did for his performance at the Grammys this year as well. The BTS faced many difficulties, including testing for Covid and members getting injured or having some health problems. Despite this, they did a show together and stole all the limelight from that night’s event. J-Hope said in his Weavers interview that his performance at the Grammys was disappointing for him. The dancer was disappointed in himself. He wanted to do great at the Grammys. He said he could not tolerate the slightest lethargy. After the performance, J-Hope realized, “I thought, Oh, I could actually do better. I could make it cool. It was a letdown.” As for the unversed, J-Hope had slipped a bit towards the end of the performance. It wasn’t noticeable because of the angles, but when viewed from a different POV, Hobie’s downfall was noticed by many. Yet the Mama hitmaker didn’t show it in her face and continued to perform with grace and swag. Also read- BTS: J-Hope is flooded with birthday wishes from Cena as the singer turns a year older — read tweet

J-Hope shares his future aspirations

Speaking to Weavers, the Yet to Come and Run BTS crooner was asked what he would like to do next as a performer, as a musician and as a dancer. Hobie shared that he wanted to explore their other personalities. BTS member J-Hope is known for his fabulous personality. And so, he said that he wanted to showcase an extremely dark and raw side of his personality. “I personally challenged myself to do the same in my current projects.” Asked why this is so, he says he feels that his performance is limited by his natural style or how people see him. He shares that he has a lot of things to say but in his usual fashion it will not lead to the best results. Hobie adds, “It’s something I’ve never done before, so I was excited to try something new. I was very impressed with what my heart was saying, and so I decided to give it a try.”

J-Hope talks about a change in that

From the previous version of J-Hope to the current J-Hope, a lot has changed. When he’s bullied, he says that his experience abroad has changed him a lot.” The Chicken Noodle Soup hitmaker went on to elaborate on how BTS has dominated the music show and meetings and collaborations You can no longer pay for my experience with different artists and to learn about their culture.

J-Hope also talked with the members about working on Proof. The evidence was dropped on 10 June 2022. Streaming and listening to the magic of ARMY BTS again.

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