BTS: Jungkook floors fans with his cute English-speaking skills on VLive; Namjoon’s sexy verse on Smoke Sprite creates meltdown | Bollywood Life" />

BTS fans have a packed schedule. My heart is heavy as JHope is also leaving for nomination. But people are really struggling to keep pace with the growth when it comes to content. From Seokjin aka Jin’s morning message to the release of Soyoon and Namjoon’s song Smoke Sprite, there’s a lot to come. Now, Jungkook is doing it live too. Starting off with the song Namjoon aka RM has composed and written the song. Soyoon is one of the leading artists on the Korean independent music scene. The fans of the lyrics written by Namjoon have gone crazy. See some tweets… Read this also- BTS: Jungkook deletes his Instagram; Reveals why he left social media apps on new LIVE

Now, Jungkook has also come live. He has been doing Vlives often for the happiness of the ARMY. The Golden Mecca of BTS was asked to speak in English. He is trying very hard. Jungkook said that he was not a good student so it is very difficult for him to study languages. But he said he is doing his best. They named the palace as Cayo, to the delight of fans from the Philippines. Read this also- BTS Jungkook at FIFA World Cup 2022: Golden Maknae has the cutest reaction as a little girl in Qatar mall treats him to his iconic line

Jungkook is definitely winning hearts. This late night drink with the army is proving to be a treat. He also said that Bam is doing better than ever. Fans were happy to hear that!
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