BTS’ Junkook Turns Akshay Kumar From Phir Hera Pheri In This Hilarious Attempt To Save His Buttons From Ripping On The Stage

BTS’s Jungkook replaces Akshay Kumar with Phir Hera Pheri in this hilarious clip, watch (Photo Credits – Jungkook/Instagram; From Phir Phir Phir Hera Pheri)

BTS’ fan following is no joke and most people are well aware of the power of ARMY on social media. They intervene every time they feel that their idols have been done wrong and this is often to say the least. It is also a given that BTS fans come up with some of the best memes whenever possible and the Indian Army has also stepped up its game in recent times. Here’s a look at the Ek Phir Hera Pheri clip that is hilarious and yet so accurate.

For those unaware, the Bangtan Boys have been quite active on social media lately ever since they created personal Insta accounts just a few weeks back. The Makna Group, JK has been constantly in touch with his followers through AMA sessions and most of them leave us with heartbroken eyes. He gets all flirtatious, quirky and cheeky during these interactions and his candid avatar with fans is clearly one of the reasons for his huge fan following.

If you’re part of the fantasy, you probably already know about the iconic moment during a performance of Fake Love, when Jungkook’s buttons were ripped on stage. It has become a serious thirst trap for the people armys and the joke refuses to die out over time. In a recent meme going viral on Instagram, an Indian ARMY member can be seen giving the entire episode its own twist by adding a famous Phir Hera Pheri scene to the scenario.

In the clip, Akshay Kumar can be seen asking a bunch of people tied together whether they are safe or not. The men, who are dressed as police officers, respond positively and the exchange between Akki and Johnny Lever is simply hilarious. Fans made it look like BTS’s Jungkook is talking to his buttons like this and you’re going to love it.

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