BTS: Kim Seokjin aka Jin makes a promise, Jungkook’s puffy eyes, endless head pats and more – New Bangtan video will leave ARMY in tears [WATCH] | Bollywood Life

The BTS ARMY finally got to see the boys̵7; feelings as they bid goodbye to Jin aka Kim Seokjin on his military training. Yes, Bangtan TV has released the video. We can see them all dressed in warm woolens to beat the bitter cold of Korea. Jin aka Kim Seokjin gets endless hugs and head pats from the members. He is heard saying that he will focus on staying healthy when he is in the army. He hopes that the army will also take good care of his health during this period. He said that during training he has to take care that he does not get hurt. Read this also- BTS: Jin aka Kim Seokjin takes us through a Super Tuna journey; His unbridled excitement at catching a real Bluefish Tuna is unmatched

Army has become emotional after watching this video. Meanwhile, a bulletin came out from the Korean Military Academy, praising Kim Seokjin aka Jin’s manly posture and determination as soon as he stepped on campus. Kim Seokjin aka Jin is the first woman to join the army. RM says his brother will follow soon. The ARMY notices how Jungkook and Jimin’s eyes light up. Looks like they cried a lot. Read this also- BTS: Kim Taehyung and Jungkook spend time with Parasite star Choi Woo-shik and his brother at the bowling alley [View Pics]

BTS member Jimin posted a post in the morning saying that he is wondering what his Jin Hyung is doing in the army. It seems that Yonchan is the most advanced center he has visited. Since, BTS Jin aka Kim Seokjin is over 30 years old, they will undergo a thorough medical examination to ensure his fitness. The whole center seems to be integrated so cadets don’t have to do much back and forth. He will be discharged in June 2024. Read this also- BTS: Jin aka Kim Seokjin is the cutest drunk ever on Youngji’s show; Astronaut singer makes surprising revelations

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