BTS member J-Hope unveils track list for his first formal solo album

BTS member J-Hope unveiled the track list for his first formal solo album (Photo Credits-Instagram)

K-pop superband BTS member J-Hope’s debut solo album “Jack in the Box” will feature a total of 10 tracks, the group’s agency Big Hit Music has said.

According to the list unveiled by the agency, the album includes ‘Introduction’, ‘More’, ‘Pandora’s Box’, ‘pause‘, ‘=’, ‘Music Box: Reflection’, ‘What If’, ‘Safety Zone’, ‘Future’ and ‘Arson’, reports Yonhap news agency.

The agency said ‘More’, the single released a week earlier, and ‘Aarson’ were chosen as the album’s two main tracks.

‘Jack in the Box’ will be the first official solo album by the K-pop superband, who recently announced a new chapter in their career. Big Hit said, it represents J-Hope’s bold aspirations to break the mold and move on.

It also stated that the two main singles represent the album’s central message, with consistency in style and flow from beginning to end of the story.

,More‘ is an old school hip-hop song that combines strong drum beats and guitar sounds. The rapper-dancer boldly declared that he wanted “more” in a song filled with dark, intense and loud sounds.

‘Arson’ is about the one who meets the harsh world after stepping out of the “box”. It depicts J-Hope’s suffering as he stands at a career crossroads.

The album will be uploaded to music services the following Friday and will be available on 29 July in a ‘Weavers Album’ format, not a full physical album. A Weaver album is a digital album that can be played after downloading an app. Scanning the same name and QR code.

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