Bumper Movie Review- 8 தோட்டாக்கள் வெற்றிக்கு பம்பரா.? படம் எப்படி இருக்கு, முழு விமர்சனம் இதோ

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Vetri and Shivani starrer bumper movie review.

Bumper Movie Review: 8 Thottakkal directed by debutant Selvakumar and starring Bigg Boss Shivani, GP Muthu and Harish Peradi in lead roles has been bumper to release. The film’s director portrays a man who steals other people’s money and a man who struggles to return one’s money to its rightful place.

In other words, the film’s protagonist is a gangster who steals and sells liquor to win money. Her turn is played by actress Shivani. When a big boss dies mysteriously in the city, Vijay falls prey to it.

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To avoid this, Vetri goes to Sabarimala temple. Lottery tickets have been banned in Tamil Nadu but now lottery tickets are banned in Kerala. In this case, on his way to Sabarimala, Harish Peradi plays an old man who runs a lottery ticket shop in Kerala.

Then he left the winning lottery ticket with him there. After all, there is a bumper lottery of 10 lakhs on that ticket. Harish Peradi, who had taken the ticket, leaves for Thoothukudi to pay the proper person.

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In the end, Harish, despite being very poor and stopped by his family, contributes money to Succeed. And the climax of the bumper film is whether Vetri got the bumper and what did he do with it.

The director has forced to watch the film till the end through a brilliant story. Apart from this, he has correctly selected all the characters in the film. GB Muthu came in a few comedy scenes and was amazing. If some unnecessary comedy is reduced in the first part, it is definitely a bumper hit.

Cinematic Rating: 2.5/5