Camila Cabello’s Accidental Nip-Slip Creates A Buzz Amongst Netizens Who Show Support: “She Handled It Like A Pro”

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Camila Cabello met with an accidental wardrobe malfunction on TV (Photo Credits – IMDb)

Camila Cabello had a casual nip-slip, but her fans praise her for handling it like a boss. Wardrobe malfunctions are a common thing with many fashionistas. Though nothing shameful, netizens can be cruel about it sometimes. However, this time it looks like the fans are on the celeb’s site and have appreciated him for handling it well.

Cabello has been in the news a lot lately, especially after splitting up for her longtime boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, Back in November, one of the most famous and beloved celebrity couples called it quits. Camilla recently explained the reason and said that as the two grew up, their priorities changed.

Now, Camila Cabello is in news for her wardrobe malfunction during an interview with BBC’s The One Show. The Havana singer was promoting her latest single, ‘Bum Bum’, which also featured Ed Sheeran, through an online interview when the incident occurred. Cabello stood up to demonstrate her dancing skills when she accidentally exposed her chest.

Alan Carr, another guest on the show, joked, “I’ve been a victim of cyber flashing!” While Camila Cabello, who was busy showing off her dance moves, said, “I hope you didn’t see the nipple.” It didn’t take long for his fans to react to it. He took to Twitter to express his sympathy and support for the singer.

“It’s an *apple, and we all have it. 99.999% anyway,” wrote one user. “I just fell in love with @Camila_Cabello (I said a little, not tit!), what a lovely lady Natural beauty with a lovely personality- refreshing to see!! So what if he skinned an *apple! wrote another.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Amid Camila Cabello’s wardrobe woes, her song ‘Bum Bum’ featuring Ed Sheeran is reportedly topping this week’s new music poll. Fans love the collaboration between the two great singers.

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