Canada’s HighballTV Unveils $15.6M Slate Of Five Original Indie Productions As It Continues “Careful Organic Growth”

Unique: Fast growing Toronto based indie streaming platform highball tv announced five original titles planned to go into production in 2023, with an overall investment of $15.6M.

New slate includes genre comedy from Caden Douglas parents sister brother frank music documentaries working on the radioanthology film god of frogsCrime drama by Andre Rehal gin and the wild dog And Alice Moranis a comedy film Bash, (scroll down for more details).

The company has raised slate financing through private investors and loans with the Royal Bank of Canada and will also take advantage of regional film tax incentives.

“We are looking to be 50:50 between the two types of financing (private financiers and RBC),” said the Highball TV head of production. Matthew Campagna, “They really believe in us and the slow, careful organic growth of our company.

“We have corporate guarantees and tax returns that support the fact that we can pay back these loans because we have a model that is making enough money to do so,” he said.

Campagna launches indie streamer HighballTV in 2018 Melissa D’Agostino,

The focus of the platform is on indie fiction features and documentaries that have played festivals in Canada and internationally, but are not easy to see outside the festival circuit.

Current highlights include the Tallinn Black Nights drama. materbrazilian documentaries obscuro baroquewhich played in Berlin, Hot Docs and IDFA as well as in collections dedicated to the Ukrainian diaspora and LGBTQ+ stories.

Former BFI employee Niall Macpherson is head of programming and acquisitions for the site.

Offering both subscription and TVoD options, the majority of the site’s users are based in North America, but it is available internationally and has followers in other regions such as the UK.

HighballTV has also gone into continuous production.

D’Agostino and Campagna are directors in their own right and their productions such as the comedy series tactical girls More Features Include six days to die, six guns for hire And mother of all shows is or will be available on the platform.

HighballTV began rolling out other directors in 2021, with the first slate focused on films by female directors and/or people of color. They included Rehl and Moran’s first related features, the thriller stranger in a room and mystery-drama Peggy Darcy: Former Teenage Detective as well as D’Agostino mother of all shows,

D’Agostino and Campagna see their model as a way to make their own films and also support a growing network of indie filmmakers outside of Canada’s state-supported funding system.

“All those juridical funds are things that you can’t really make a slate of because you don’t know until the last minute what they’ll support,” says Campagna. “It may take three years to get a yes or a no. We just don’t find it a reliable way to make a sustainable business.”

They point out that the new slate of films reunites Highball TV with directors Rehl and Moran on their other features, which is in line with their plan to build a network of related filmmakers.

rehal new movie gin and the wild dog revolves around two private security operators employed to protect and chauffeur the city’s elite, who become embroiled in a criminal conspiracy that reaches as far as City Hall.

Moran’s Comedy Bash Follows a struggling women’s hockey team in the 1970s that finds newfound success when their league toys with the idea of ​​allowing fighting. Writer, comedian and actress Moran best known for her roles on City TV sunny side Plus FX on Hulu man seeking woman,

documentary working on the road Explores the history and legacy of Toronto’s influential alternative music station CFNY and features interviews with The Barenaked Ladies, Billy Talent, Blondie, Blue Rodeo, Joy Division, Metric, Stars and Parachute Club.

Douglas’s parents sister brother frank iA genre comedy about a suburban family who plot murder when a nosy uncle crashes Sunday dinner with a nasty surprise.

god of frogs is a monster-themed anthology film that explores unexplained phenomena and features segments by emerging directors Adrian Bob, Richard Lee, Natalie Metcalf, and Ali Chappell.

“Each year, HighballTV aims to amplify our commitments to equity and inclusion within our production slates, and this year we are thrilled that the vast majority of our writers and directors are from equity-seeking groups, many of whom making his feature debut,” added Campagna.