Cannes Lions Sees Greenpeace Protest Atop The Palais As Guerrilla Campaign Continues To Disrupt Ad Festival

Representative Cannes Lions After this morning the advert was barred from entering the ceremony green Peace Activists stage anti-fossil fuel Oppose At the top of the Palais des Festivals – the latest of several guerrilla stunts to disrupt the event.

The crowd, delegates and fans were stopped and the doors were locked while police were present in the area.

A small crowd on the street, possibly supporters of the protesters, cheered as two men were taken down an emergency staircase that had been hurriedly erected into the main assembly.

Asked by Deadline about the problem, a French policeman blushed and said only “Greenpeace”.

Several representatives, who were trying to reach the Palace, queued to hear from Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, who is due to give a keynote address soon. Other Hollywood celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Regina King have already appeared at the event, while Patrick Stewart is set to take the stage later today.

The protest was sparked by former advertising executive Gustav Martner, who canceled his pass on Monday night after pulling off an anti-fossil fuel stunt for Greenpeace. It has been a trying week for the organizers of the Cannes Lions with protests that work with fossil fuel companies, the center of advertising agencies, based on the slogan ‘No prizes on a dead planet’, a guerrilla with Croisette. Extends to marketing campaign.

According to advertising trade The Drum, campaigners also stormed the beach area of ​​advertising giant WPP’s stand on kayaks. Protesters were dressed up as the popular ‘This is fine’ dog meme, which is also featured in posts posted around the city.

Cannes Lions ends tomorrow (June 24).