Cannes Opening-Night Film Is A Family Affair For Berenice Bejo and Michel Hazanavicius

particular: Berenice Bejo ,artist) Agreed to film Cannes opening-night final Cut (Coupez!) filmmaker with husband Michelle Hazanavicius ,players) It was a family matter.

Pausing for a second to make a mental calculation, he began, “Our daughter,her Beti, a niece who was the camera woman in the film, and our son, who you barely saw. Yes, it was a family affair.”

To explain: his daughter Gloria; His daughter Simone from a previous relationship. Raika, his brother’s daughter, and Lucian, the son we barely saw.

“That’s right,” Bejo nodded. “We wanted the family to be closer. The pandemic was going on and it gave us all the peace of mind to be together,” she told Deadline over the opening dinner. final Cut Feather Hotel Martinez,

It was just after midnight, probably closer to the one in the morning, and after each conversation with the mix of guests, Bejo headed to the exit, where a lot of nice young people had a goody bag of L’Oréal cosmetics and a book of photographs. were handing over. and text by Vincent Delarm.

The tome contained a page of nine photographs from Thierry Framaux, head of the Cannes Film Festival, showing the correct way to put on a tie. No doubt he and his public relations team spent many hours on approval of the photo and caption.

lashana lynchoe ,no time to die) One of the guests of the festival, she told Deadline, was sitting at the top table. He said, ‘I have come here only to watch films. What a good, ”said the London actress.


rossi de palma ,parallel mothers)Pedro Almodovar’s Favorite (women on the verge of a nervous breakdown) The court was sitting on his table, fellow guests were dragging him like bees towards honey. Something about his simple yet lively style caught our attention. She wore a black double-breasted coat dress, but what made the outfit pop was her rouge lipstick and red leather gloves peeking out from her black patent leather purse.

Pierre Jeannie himself described Deadline as the “Voice of Cannes”. He explained that it is his voice that we announce to the guests arriving on the red carpet at the Palace.

Will he ever get a tongue, we wondered.


remembered zenie when uncle boonami Winning the Palme d’Or in 2010 for Thai director Apichatpong Veerasethkul, “I practiced for hours. There are some names that you absolutely want to fix. They are often not pronounced the way they are written,” he advised.

Jenny and her guest did not stay at Table 64 for long. Perhaps they thought it would be a test to correctly pronounce this reporter’s nickname, Bamigboy (think of the song “Oh, Danny Boy…”).

This meant a double portion of purple asparagus from the grass for me. Gentleman to my right, film director Giulio Bes (Postcard from Rome) urged me not to leave half cooked (Chaud-Freud) Camargue’s Soufflé with Black Rice Trout from Vaucluse with Freshly Smoked Infusions. Delicious.


It was right and appropriate that Fremoux called on us to applaud Chef Christian Sinicropi and his team from the restaurant La Palme d’Or at the Hotel Martinez.

Interestingly, many of us went crazy after watching a vampire comedy.

Probably just like there was no meat on the menu.