Cannes Palme d’Or Winner Ruben Östlund Says Theatrical Cut Of ‘Triangle Of Sadness’ Will Be “Longer And Richer” – Cannes

Neon earned bragging rights tonight with his third consecutive Palme d’Or Cannes winner, a satirical comedy by Ruben Ostlund. triangle of sorrow, There was a huge crowd during the festival.

The photo follows last year’s Neon’s previous Palme d’Or winner titan And, of course, 2019 parasite Which won four Oscars including Best Picture.

‘The Triangle of Grief’
Fredrik Wenzel/platform-production

triangle of sorrow Knock on the 1% and follows a fashion model and her model casting agent partner, played by Charlie Dean and Harris Dickinson. The two reach the luxury yacht where they are the poorest. woody harrelson plays a Marxist captain who gets intoxicated with a Russian oligarch, reads from the Communist manifesto and sends his yacht into rough waters until the passengers are rubbish and vomiting. Hijinks come with a portion of an uninhabited island.

The picture sees in 2 1/2 hours. While it’s not uncommon for filmmakers to leave Cannes and re-edit their films for theatrical release, Ostlund says, “We’ll make it longer and richer; that’s what’s going to happen when it comes to cinema.”

“I have three cuts on what I want to do,” said the Swedish director on the closing night of the Cannes presser, “that the twist was put away during the editing process.”

Ostlund joined a rare club of nine filmmakers who won the Palme d’Or twice at Cannes. This includes in addition to myself (stlund won in 2017 Crossroad), Francis Ford Coppola (Conversation And Apocalypse Now), Billy August (Pele the Conqueror And best intentions), Luc and Jean-Pierre Darden (Rosetta And baby), Michael Haneke (white ribbon And love), Shohe Imamura (Narayanam’s story And eli), Amir Kusturika (dad is on a business trip And underground), Ken Loach (the storm rises And me, daniel blake), and Alf Sjöberg (Pain And Mademoiselle Julie,

The festival moderator asked tonight, “Is it true that the party celebrating the Palme d’Or will take place on a cruise ship?”

“We’ll blow it up!” Ostlund made fun of him by referring to a hysterically important point in the film.

The filmmaker, who arrived in the press room 2 1/2 hours after receiving the award, said that he draws influence in his comedic, political cinematic style from Luis Buuel, a filmmaker who makes “wildly entertaining films … we’re living in it.” “