Celebrities With Ill-Fitted Outfits At Lux Style Awards 2022 | Reviewit.pk

Pakistani entertainment industries now have many award shows which are held at the end of the year and projects and artists from different fields are honored. Yes, many people in the country including our own artists, musicians and designers do not care much for these awards as they do not feel they are fair. But one more thing that all our award shows are hyped for is poor outfit choices and the same was the case with Lux Style Awards 2022. This year was the year of the cape and jumpsuit. Yes, the public criticizes our celebs for wearing gaudy clothes, but sometimes they wear bad clothes even when there is no decorum. The perfect fit or cut was not on the minds of our celebrities this year. Even many people did not care about ironing the clothes. Here is a list of celebrities who could have done a better job.

1. Merab Ali:

Merab Ali wore an ivory two-piece outfit. Though Merub’s hair and makeup was great her outfit looked extremely un-ironed. Also it didn’t suit her body at all which is a shame as Meerub is a very beautiful girl.

2. Danneer Mubeen:

Celebrities in fitted outfits at Lux Style Awards 2022

Dananeer opted for a powder blue jumpsuit with a white train attached to it. Her sleeve length didn’t matter and neither did the white train. The color didn’t look great for a red carpet event and again it didn’t get ironed properly.

3. Humaima Malik:

Celebrities in fitted outfits at Lux Style Awards 2022

Humaima Malik again opted for an ill-fitting red gown. The top bodice of the dress didn’t make any sense to her and the net gloves didn’t seem to be part of the same outfit. Her hair didn’t look great either, but that’s understandable considering her performance that night.

4. Amar Khan:

Celebrities in fitted outfits at Lux Style Awards 2022

Amar Khan is a beautiful lady and her confidence is always off the charts but her fashion choices can take some help. Amar Khan wore a colorful saree that would have looked better at brunch than on the red carpet.

5. Kinja Hashmi:

Celebrities in fitted outfits at Lux Style Awards 2022

Kinja Hashmi is a beautiful girl and she is very fit. Why she chose such a poorly fitted outfit is beyond comprehension. Also the length of his coat didn’t matter to him. But her beautiful face and hair somehow saved her.

6. Maryam Nafees:

Celebrities in fitted outfits at Lux Style Awards 2022

Maryam Nafees’s outfit was not bad but her neck straps could have looked better. Also the hair and makeup didn’t do her any good. She could have looked better if her hair was in a bun or her makeup was more mauve in tone.

Our celebs mostly always slay their red carpet looks but the clothes can at least fit!