Celebrity Mountain Lion P-22 To Be Removed From Griffith Park After Attacks

Mountain lion which has attracted media attention from its residence in urban areas griffith park Los Angeles would soon be captured.

National Wildlife Federation, California Regional Executive Director Beth Pratt issued a statement earlier this week explaining P-22, Celebrity Lion, has recently changed its behavior and will be caught and examined. After this the next step will be decided.

The P-22 has recently made a presence in highly populated areas outside its Griffith Park domain. He has attacked two chihuahua dogs, killing one, and authorities are concerned that things could escalate when he roams populated areas.

“The P-22 has always been in a phenomenal condition,”; said a statement from Pratt. “Never has a mountain lion lived in such an urban setting in one of the world’s most populous cities. He is also a remarkably old mountain lion, far outliving the normal life expectancy of his kind, and may now display signs of distress. Although he has always been affected by the isolation the freeway has caused him, as P-22 has aged, the challenges associated with living on an inhabited island become increasingly difficult and Scientists are paying attention to recent changes in its behavior.

Pratt said mountain lion experts from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area National Park Service (NPS) are planning to capture P-22. After a health evaluation, the vet will determine the next steps for her.

“The people involved in her capture and evaluation are some of the world’s top wildlife biologists who have studied P-22 and other mountain lions for decades. We trust them to make a good decision,” Pratt said.

He gave a warning to the public not to attempt to help with the capture and evaluation.

P-22 has lived in Griffith Park, the largest urban park in America, for over a decade. This helped him as well as hindered him. While his survival is not challenged by a smaller lion, as is usually the case in the wild, P-22 is isolated by a busy freeway, with no land barriers allowing him to access the wider expanse. Gives

“The P-22 has given us so much,” Pratt said. “He’s an adorable wild mountain lion who survived against all odds, and his plight of being trapped in Griffith Park after making a perilous journey across two of the nation’s busiest freeways showed the world just how important our roadways are to mountain lions.” Can be harmful and all wildlife.

The famous P-22 mountain lion (actually a male cougar), is seen in the heavily populated hipster haven Silver Lake, a residential and commercial section of Los Angeles. The area is highly urban and trafficked, and is located about a mile to a half mile from P-22’s usual Griffith Park domain, where he usually stays in high mountain country and is rarely seen by humans. goes.

While 12-year-old P-22 may be considered a dangerous wild animal, his celebrity status is undeniable, and neighbors in the area report his sightings with glee. a national geographic photo spreadled a 2017 documentary, the cat that changed america A museum exhibit, a children’s coloring book, and a mural in Watts, an area further south in Los Angeles.