Charlie Hunnam-Mel Gibson Action Comedy ‘Last Looks’ Gets February Release Date In RLJE Films Deal

Unique: RLJE Films acquired North American rights to last looks, an action comedy topped by Charlie Hunnam And Mel Gibson, Murray Baccarin, Rupert Friend, Dominic Monaghan, Lucy Fry and Cliff “Method Man” Smith also star in the picture directed by Tim Kirkby (brockmire) and originally titled waldo Howard after the main character in Michael Gould’s L.A. detective novel series on which the film is based.

RLJE Films is planning to release in theaters and on VOD in February.

Adapted by Gold (Mr 3000) and named after the first book in his three-book series, last looks On the big screen, Charlie introduces Waldo (Hannam), an ex-LAPD superstar who has left the military and now lives a life of simplicity and solitude in the woods. Alistair Pinch (Gibson) is an eccentric actor who spends his days getting drunk on the set of his TV show. When Pinch’s wife is found dead, she is the prime suspect and Waldo is convinced to come out of retirement to investigate what happened.

The case found Waldo struggling with gangsters, Hollywood executives and preschool teachers to clear Pinch’s name, or to confirm his guilt.

The picture was produced by Brad Feinstein, by Romulus Entertainment (Injury), Andrew Ledger (american sniper), Steven Sheinberg (Breakage) and Christina Weiss Lurie (Incentive,

RLJE Films Chief Acquisition Officer Mark Ward negotiated the deal with Romulus’ Feinstein on behalf of the filmmakers.

“We are delighted to release Last Looks next year,” Ward said. “We can’t wait to work with the film’s amazing cast who will take audiences through this unique ‘whodunit’ adventure.”