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    Chhorii Movie Review: Nushrratt Bharuccha Evolves As An Actor In The Remake Of The Layered Horror Film

    Chhori Movie Review Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

    Star Cast: Nusrat Bharucha, Saurabh Goyal, Meeta Vashisht, Rajesh Jais, i.e. Bharadwaj and Garhwa.

    Director: Huge furry.

    chhori movie review ft. Nusrat Bharucha (Photo Credits: Chori Poster)

    What’s good: Furia’s horror instincts that surpass those of many of his contemporaries. Nusrat is trying more experiments and making them work.

    What’s worse: That the remake doesn’t have a soul of its own, it is borrowed from the original and those who have already seen it will be busy discovering something new.

    Lou Break: If you watched the original you might not feel like you lost anything, but if you didn’t, wait.

    See or not?: Watch it for the acting performances of two women, Nushrat and Meeta. They stay in the frame most of the time and do a good job.

    Language: Hindi (with subtitles)

    Available at: Amazon Prime Video.

    Runtime: 129 minutes.

    user Rating:

    A couple (Sakshi and Hemant) are put in unimaginable circumstances due to husband’s outstanding debts, with no option but to stay underground for a few days. They choose the village of their driver which according to him has only 5 houses and 2 belong to the driver. After spending a day in a house arrested by a dense sugarcane crop, Sakshi learns that everything is not as simple as it seems and begins the game of ‘Lapchapi’.

    (Photo Credits: Chori Poster)

    Chhori Movie Review: Script Analysis

    Chhori is the official remake of the 2016 critically acclaimed Marathi film Laapchapi, written and directed by Vishal Furia. It is remake day and I will be tested. Here is my Drishyam 2 movie review that I did today. Coming back to Chhori, those who have seen the original movie know what a drill is, for those who are not, Vishal Furia has packed a nice surprise for you.

    On a superficial level, Chhori is a horror-survival drama with a pregnant woman at its center. But if you scratch and try to go deeper, the film is about the horrors of our society which is even scarier than the ghosts that appear on the screen. This is a horror story about an unnamed town which sees a newborn baby girl as a bad omen and sacrifices her for prosperity. The message of the remake stays true to its core and does not change the essence.

    Nusrat told me during the promotion how some messages need to be given by mixing entertainment and coolness. Vishal Furia does just that. The story is not yet in Maharashtra, so he retells it to set it in a new geographical location. The setup doesn’t change though. The house is scary, because the original is 5 years old and the filmmaker tried to incorporate things he couldn’t before.

    Of course, he tweaks some plot points and tweaks a few twists, but what cannot be ignored is that this is yet another remake of a very successful film, with nothing new from the original. In a day and age where subtitles are being accepted, we are definitely moving on from the time when we needed a remake to make the audience aware.

    What bothers me is the age dynamics of the film. How is Bhano’s elder son so big that he can kill people but his other three sons are less than 10 years old? And if so, why isn’t he getting old?

    Chhori Movie Review: Star Performance

    Nushrat Bharucha is making some experimental options and it is fun to watch her explore more. In Chori, she becomes a woman who is trapped in a situation and her unborn child is at stake. She tries hard to save it and stumbles upon the darkest secret. Nushrat is there in almost every frame of the film and she manages to give us thrill and chills when she is scared and helpless.

    Meeta Vashisht has got the second most important character in the film. His character has seen a complete 180 degree transformation and he changes color completely. The actor shows off his caliber and range.

    Chhori Movie Review: Direction, Music

    Vishal Furia tries to raise the scale of his story. He makes the surroundings more amusing and scary. He tries to pack a maximum punch by the end, the first hour in the process feeling like it’s not used to its full potential. But once he starts his game, he hasn’t looked back, at least for the first time ever.

    Ketan Sodha’s background score is spooky and apt for the film. It does chills, thumbs up. The best decision is to keep the film songless for the main part.

    Production design should also be appreciated as it is very limited space and creating visually appealing and intimidating sets is a talent.

    (Photo Credits: Chori Poster)

    Chhori Movie Review: The Last Word

    It is a remake and I will not change my stance about movies copied scene after scene. But what stands out in Chhori is Nushrat Bharucha’s acting performance and Vishal Furia’s attempt to hone his material.

    Chori Trailer

    girl Releasing on November 26, 2021.

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